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Stretch Therapy is BACK!

Many people have asked for Stretch Therapy classes again so here they are!

To Coincide with the start of the Spring 50 I will be running a 12 week Stretch Therapy course on Saturday mornings for 75min from 9am – 10.15am.

If you are unfamiliar with Stretch Therapy you can read more about it on our website here.



Stretch therapy is a method that takes time to learn, understand and develop so it won’t be a drop in class that clients can pick and choose which to attend. It will be open to 10 people who sign up for all 12 weeks.

The price will be kept the same as a regular class so Spring challenge participants can use their extra classes too!


It will be open to anyone who wants to join in who is currently able enough to attend our other group classes. There is no need for any prior experience with Stretch Therapy or any other stretching. If you are unsure if you are physically capable enough to join, just discuss with Robyn at the studio. Anyone who wants to move easier and become freer in their own body would benefit from this!


All bookings will need to be done via the studio as online bookings will be disabled and it will be filled on a first come, first serve basis!

0456 788 762