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Winter 50 Wrap Up!

Our Winter challenge to attend 50 sessions over the 3 month period has finished!


Congratulations to the 18 members below who completed the challenge…

Aimee / Vicki / Karen / John / Megan

Karli / Pete / Jacqueline / Angela Mason

Kristy / Rachelle / Audrey / Angela Marshall

Natalie / Leah / Brooke / Ciara / Hayley

Special mentions go out to the following finishers


Brooke –> Our first finisher who completed all 50 sessions in only 35 days!!! The studio wouldn’t be the same without your good vibes and big smile.


Vicki, Karen, John, Jacqueline, Leah and Ciara –> All 6 of these members didn’t miss ONE session!!! Super commitment and effort to put your health and wellbeing towards the top of your priorities.


Megan –> Who wanted to be apart of challenge so much she wrote her name and attendance on the back of our chart! She now has her sights set on the fastest to join the 100+ badass club.


Natalie –> Despite a house fire destroying most of their belongings mid winter and a husband who couldn’t wait for the challenge to end, Nat managed to squeeze in a double session on the last day to completed her 50!



It’s really great to see a handful of those who took on the challenge, upgrade their memberships from Bronze–>Silver–>Gold after experiencing the added benefits of a more regular practice.


We just couldn’t pick between all the super efforts so, we randomly selected 3 names out of a hat, from the 17 finishers, to win the prize pack shown below. Congratulations to everyone who finished and to those who pushed themselves to do a little more over winter than they otherwise might do!


You 3 ladies can pick out your clothing, socks and water bottles next time you’re in the studio!