Would you like to go through teacher training and begin a new in demand career as a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor?

Quality Pilates instructors with nationally recognized qualification are in high demand in Australia. Besides fantastic employment opportunity, a career in Pilates is one of purpose, passion and enjoyment as you literally make peoples lives better by empowering them physically and mentally.

The Balanced Body Pilates teacher training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates instructors.

All of Balanced Body Pilates instructor courses highlight movement principles that are universal to the way the body moves, strengthens and heals. These principles incorporate the most up-to-date biomechanical theories of movement and fitness science. Understanding these principles in relation to the program of study creates a dynamic learning experience which is immediately incorporated into practice.

Kristen has been a Master Pilates instructor with Balanced Body since 2010 and has taught the program to 100’s of students, dozens of which have thriving successful careers today. In 2019 Balanced Body entered the Australian Education market already as the worlds largest and most recognised educator, Kristen is the first Faculty member having already been with the company during her years owning and operating Reforming Indy in Indianapolis.


2020 dates are below, space are limited and we are taking reservation already!




July – 4th/5th     Movement Principles

July 25th/26th     Anatomy

August – 15th/16th     Reformer 1

Sept – 5th/6th      Reformer 2

Sept – 19th/20th     Reformer 3

October – 17th/18th     Mat 1

Nov 7th/8th     Mat 2

Nov 20th/22nd     Chair

Dec 12th/13th     Trapeze

Jan 9th/10th Mat 3

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Choose an internationally recognised and respected Pilates education with 40 years of experience. We can't wait to share our passion and knowledge with you!


The courses are taught in modular segments and are offered by qualified Pilates instructor affiliates around the world. This allows students flexibility and convenience in choosing when, where and how to complete the Pilates teacher training program. *The prices do not include the Mat 3 module cost.

Anatomy (Prerequisites)

In order to be the best Pilates instructor you can be, a solid foundation in Anatomy and in the principles of Pilates are required. The following courses are offered for students who do not have the appropriate background. Not all students will be required to take anatomy. If you have prior and relevant coursework, speak with the education department about opting out of the requirement

Balanced Body® Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ (12 hours)

Strongly recommended for Mat 1 & 2
Required for Reformer and Apparatus courses

Using clay to build the muscles provides a unique and interactive way to learn anatomy. Balanced Body’s AI3D course is specifically geared to the movement teacher and includes practical exercises on the functions of the muscles and joints allowing you to embody the information.

~ $740

Movement Principles (16 hours)

The balance body movement principles helps you understand how the body moves in order to help out students , clients and patients move better. The movement principles provide practical tools for observing, analysing and improving movement by gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics and optimum movement patterns.

~ $595

Mat 1 (16 hours)

Introduction to Pilates and Beginning / Intermediate Exercises

Mat I includes a detailed introduction to the principles and history of Pilates, with everything from beginner to the most intermediate level exercises with modifications, lectures on programming within a group setting and class order, and teaching guidelines for seniors, pre and post-natal classes.

~ $ 560

Mat 2 (16 hours)

Intermediate / Advanced Exercises

Mat 2 includes the majority of the intermediate and advanced level exercises, plus fundamental movement principles, and training tips to help advance clients to higher levels. Pilates specifically for sporting activities are also covered.


Mat 3 (16 hours)

Mat 3 is an additional in-depth look at the Pilates Method on the Mat including dozens of new exercises and anatomical knowledge in relation to floor work. The module was added in 2018 and made a mandatory part of the teacher training courses in 2019.


Reformer 1 (18 hours)

Introduction to Reformer & Beginning Exercises and Pilates Principles

Reformer 1 includes a detailed introduction to the Pilates Reformer, which includes set up and safety, program sequencing, beginning exercises and tips for teaching group classes. By the time you finish the course you will have the skills to teach a personal training session or a beginning Reformer class.


Reformer 2 (16 hours)

Intermediate Exercises

Reformer 2 includes intermediate exercises and modifications designed for group and individual instruction. Teaching successful classes and sessions to clients at different levels of ability is emphasised. Included are a variety of programs designed to keep your clients inspired.


Reformer 3 (14 hours)

Advanced Exercises & Sport Specific Programs

Reformer 3 includes advanced exercises plus modifications for sports specific activities, tips for training the advanced client, and programs designed for specific sports.


Trapeze Table/Cadillac (18 hours)

Provides a thorough introduction to Trapeze Table exercises as well as applications for beginning, post-rehabilitation and advanced clients. This training is appropriate for students working with the Allegro® or Allegro 2 Tower of Power®, Half Trapeze and Wall Tower as well as those working with full Trapeze Tables. Sequencing programs using multiple pieces of equipment are covered as well as equipment set up, safety and maintenance.


Pilates Chair (14 hours)

Includes exercises and variations for both the original Wunda chair and the split pedal Combo Chair. The chair is great for doing strengthening work with athletic clients, and as an addition to group programming in combination with the Mat. This course includes exercises and programming for both personal training sessions and classes.


Pilates Barrels (6 hours)

Includes exercises and variations for the Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel. The Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel are excellent tools designed to add variety, enhance spinal mobility and challenge to any workout or class.

~ $460

Final Test

To complete any of the 3 programs, a final test out is required.

Written Exam: The written exam is a multiple choice and short answer exam. It covers movement principles, anatomy and movement applications, exercise recommendations for special populations, and Pilates specific repertoire applications on all of the apparatus.

Practical Exam: The practical exam will be an observation of a session with a client or an apparatus-based class. Each test out will have specific requirements as per the administrating examiner. These requirements will be determined prior to the testing and shared with students.

~ $260


Upon completion of all of the above requirements, a certificate of completion for your given course of study will be issued which is recognised and respected in the industry. The Balanced Body education is one of the most in depth and comprehensive programs available in terms of contact hours, content and practice. More than this, the practical knowledge gained will have you ready to step into a position teaching either Mat classes, Reformer classes or Clinical Private sessions which is not true of many courses available.

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Many people would agree that their university degree was jus the start of their careers and that “on the job” learning accounts for much of what they do. Many of the instructors we have hired over the years running studios have said they have learnt more being in and around the studio as clients and student instructors than they did in their course. This isn’t to say the education is not well rounded, its just not possible to cover everything!

In addition to the education through the modules, Kristen will be working closely with a small group during their training with extra mentorship sessions held every 2 weeks. Passing on the practical knowledge that you can only learn from nearly two decades of experience, Kristen has developed this bonus curriculum to cover everything you need to know to fast track you towards a successful career working with clients from all walks of life and ability.

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