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Accelerate your pilates education with in-person learning as you draw upon the wealth of expertise accumulated over more than two decades by one of Australia’s most seasoned master instructors, gaining valuable insights and honing your skills.


Comprehensive students receive 50% off a membership for 6 months when they pay upfront!



For more than a decade, Kristen has helped hundreds of people just like you turn their passion into income and start teaching Pilates in endlessly different ways.

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Pilates Instructor Course in Perth

Learn Everything You Need To Start Your New Career In Pilates With Our Selection Of Easy, All-Comprehensive Courses

Since 2007, Kristen has given hundreds of students the power to leave their old career behind and move into a rewarding new one teaching Pilates. In this Pilates instructor course in Perth, we teach you the movement principles that are universal to the way the body moves, strengthens and heals. Kristen, our highly accredited Master Instructor incorporates these principles through the most up-to-date biomechanical theories of movement and fitness science. You will work personally with our instructors through face to face training and will receive practical knowledge that will get you ready to step into a position to teach others and transform lives.

Best of all, our courses are recognised and highly respected in the industry, giving you the opportunity to work not only across Australia, but in many other countries across the world. This flexibility is one of the many reasons we have seen so many students changing career paths, having the option to travel, work with or open a Studio anywhere in Australia.

Receive All The Support You Need To Start Your Pilates Career

Your training will cover everything you need to know to fast track you towards a successful career working with clients from every walk of life.

  • Receive in-depth training with our small, in-studio classes, ensuring you receive more guidance and attention.
  • Get unlimited access to fast support from your expert trainer, Kristen, and her team during and after your course.
  • Work with a studio that consistently has a variety of Pilates classes available to observe or join.
  • In addition to our modules, Kristen will be offering additional mentorship and passing on “little known” practical knowledge and experience that you can only learn from decades of experience teaching Pilates.

Not Sure If Teaching Pilates Is Right For You?

Being a good Pilates instructor has nothing to do with your ability, age, your clothes size or the number of followers you have on social media. We help our students find their niche and their passion within the Pilates industry. We’ll help you identify your strengths and prepare you for a successful career.

We understand that you might feel like you lack the skills required to teach Pilates right now, but so did the majority of our most experienced trainers when they first came into our studio. You will be personally trained by Kristen Abbott, one of the most qualified Pilates instructors in Australia, with 20 years experience running her own studios and over 10 years of experience training the next generation of Pilates instructors. We have never met a student we couldn’t coach and mentor to be competent and confident!

Pilates has quickly become a staple in gyms, studios and rehabilitation clinics, and now has more demand than ever. There has never been a better time to start your career in Pilates.

Get 1-on-1 Help With Any Hurdles You Might Face During And After Your Course With Us!

There are some things you just can’t include into a standardised program. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry as a professional instructor, studio owner and teacher trainer, Kristen has collected a lifetime of knowledge.

All students of the program have access to a mentorship program with Kristen, included with your course. Having employed over 100 Pilates instructors, we know exactly what it takes to become a great Pilates instructor and we can help you stand out from your competition, or even show you how to build and grow your own clientele.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support and mentorship after you have finished your course to help you overcome any obstacles you might face in the future.

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The Balanced Body program is the world’s largest educator and has been teaching Pilates for over 40 years. These courses are brand new to Australia, and are only available at a limited number of hand-selected studios. Our certifications are recognised internationally, ensuring you are qualified anywhere you go – you could start globetrotting and teach Pilates on the white beaches of Greece or even in the middle of Central Park.

We are Western Australia’s only approved provider for Balanced Body!

The courses we offer are some of the most comprehensive courses in the industry, which includes more hours of contact, practice and self practice than almost every other provider currently in Australia. We want to give you all of the knowledge, tools and experience you need to comfortably become a “guru” of Pilates.


This is our most basic option, the Mat program requires a student to successfully complete the modules Mat I, Mat II and Mat III. To complete this program an anatomy pre-requisite, teaching, and observation hours are required.

Your Program Includes:
76 face to face hours
45 student teaching hours
25 personal practice
146 hours in total

($3085 + $280 course materials + $260 test out)


This course covers all of the Reformer work plus the mat work. For successful completion of qualified Pilates courses, candidates will need to complete the following modules: Mat I, Mat II and Matt III; Reformer I, II, III, and an anatomy pre-requisite. To complete the program teaching and observation hours are also required.

Your Program Includes:
124 face to face hours
145 student teaching hours
75 personal practice
344 hours in total

($5045 + $490 course materials + $260 test out)


This is a detailed exploration of qualified Pilates courses which includes mat to barrels and all that lies in between. The comprehensive modules include: Mat I, Mat II and Mat III; Reformer I, II, III; Chair and Barrels, Tower or Trap Table, and an anatomy pre-requisite. To complete the program teaching and observation hours are also required.

Your Program Includes:
162 face to face hours
250 student teaching hours
120 personal practice
532 hours in total

($6695 + $700 course materials + $260 test out)

Comprehensive students receive 50% off a membership for 6 months when they pay upfront!

Informative Courses Taught By One Of Australia’s Most Experienced And Respected Pilates Instructors

You will be personally trained by Kristen Abbott, one of the most qualified Pilates instructors in Australia, 20 years running her own clinic and over 10 years training instructors. Kristen uses an honest and open approach while providing detailed feedback to help with your growth.



With over 20 years experience as a dancer, Kristen wanted a change, and as she already enjoyed Pilates, her hobby evolved into her full-time career. With an understanding of how the body moves from her years as a professional dancer, Kristen started her training and after training with the world’s leading instructors at the time, she quickly evolved into a master trainer. After teaching her own Pilates classes for years and running her own studios, Kristen is now a highly qualified, accredited trainer with Balanced Body education, and has started to officially mentor and teach the next generation of Pilates instructors here in Perth!

pilates instructor course perth

Get The World's Most Recognised And Respected Pilates Certification And Start Teaching Your Own Classes In 5 Easy Steps


Claim Your Free, No-Obligation “Career Path” Consultation: Organise a call with our team to plan your move into teaching Pilates. In this call, will walk you through the different courses, providing valuable insight into what the trainings are like as well and what these certifications mean for your future.


Enrol Into Your Preferred Course: Choose between our three Balanced Body programs: Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive. Each course includes face to face and student teaching hours, with some of the most in depth and comprehensive modules available.


Learn The Magic Behind Teaching Pilates: Through small classes of no more than 8 individuals, you will learn the art of Pilates. Surrounded by active classes, you can see first hand how others teach and apply their knowledge. And if that’s not enough, Kristen hosts a free mentorship program to help accelerate your growth and readiness to launch into your own career.


Receive Your Internationally Accredited Certificate: After completing your course you will receive one of the most recognised and respected certificates in the industry. More than this, the practical knowledge you would have gained throughout your course will have you ready to step in front of a class and start teaching right away – which is not true of many courses available that just read through books and show videos of trainers.


Start Your Dream Job: Time to start teaching Pilates! Whether that is joining a studio, a gym, a rehabilitation clinic, or even starting up something of your own, the choice is yours. You now have the skills and the qualifications to choose your own path, and we’re available for support in case you need any guidance along the way.

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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our courses and our attention to detail, and we know that we can help you enter the industry armed with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be successful. This is why we cover our course with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Once you register for our course, if for any reason you’re not happy with our classes or the way we teach, we’ll give you all of your money back – no questions asked.

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If you’ve read this far, it’s clear you’re serious about teaching Pilates. We keep our class sizes smaller than our competitors to ensure we assist each and every one of our students from start to finish, we make sure there are no hurdles left between you and as much work as you’d like in the industry – which is why we need to limit the amount of consultations we have available every month. Claim your free consultation NOW or you might need to wait for more slots to open up.