We’ve met many clients over the years who would describe themselves as “not sporty” or tell us they have never enjoyed exercise. I have a theory that when we are children, we may recognise we aren’t as naturally gifted as others and begin to shy away from all physical activity. This obviously leads to less development, only reinforcing that belief. The fact is, not everyone develops at the same rate and some early intervention could change someone’s entire life story and self belief. 


We’ve had to pleasure of being apart of one young girls journey over the past year, Niamh. 

Karen has done an amazing job working privately with Niamh to develop her physical abilities as well as her character.  

To say to changes have been substantial is an understatement! 


Sarah was looking for a place that was knowledgeable and capable of helping her daughter, ” Niamh has little core strength due to gross motor delay”.

They needed someone who could tailor a program to suit Niamh’s abilities and age. It was a match made in heaven when we paired Niamh with Karen. 


“Karen has made pilates something Niamh looks forward too each week , Niamh especially likes it when Karen pusher her to do advanced exercises and she can do it!”


Watching Niamh evolve and grow in her athletic abilities has been special to witness, however, the changes in her character and self belief has been truly special to watch. Sarah says ” Niamh’s core strength has improved way beyond expectations but her confidence also has come along in leaps and bounds, she is so determined now”.

Niamh recently celebrated her 11th birthday where Karen gifted her a Klinik Pilates jumper. Their bond is definitely a special one!

Sarah says “Karen is the most patient adaptive instructor. She tailors every exercise to Niamh physical ability. She has also encouraged her to join the circuit class which she thoroughly enjoys” 

Having done Private sessions since November last year, Niamh followed Karen’s encouragement and joined in the circuit class from February, again, boosting her self confidence as she kept up with the other clients. 

Niamh even set herself a goal to become the youngest client to join our 100+ club and have her name added to the honour board. 

As i’m getting ready to post Niamh’s journey, she is on 98 sessions and will complete number 99 this Saturday! And yes, she will be the youngest to have her name on the board, achieving her goal!


We are so proud and inspired by you Niamh. This experience will literally change your life in so many ways and we feel blessed to be apart of that positive change for you. Never stop exploring what is possible for youself because there is nothing you can’t achieve when you pour your time and effort into it!