Jessica Alujevic

Recently, Jess completed her 500th session and added her name to our most prestigious honour board list, the Lifetime club! 

Having been with us since for over 5 years, it was really meaningful for us to see her name added to the board. Jess has basically been apart of everything at The Klinik, she utilised the creche, has done every class type we offer, went through the original Stretch Therapy course, has seen me for many remedial massages, was with us all through COVID and this year, tackled the Winter 50 challenge as well. Jess has had taken classes from 22 of our instructors over the years, yes, I counted. 


As a business owner herself, and having seen our studio evolve over time, I’ve often asked Jess for her thoughts and feedback on different elements. I remember when I asked jess to read a blog post I’d written about sharing my faith within our business because I was apprehensive. Her response was so concise and insightful it instantly removed my fear. It was for all of the above I was so looking forward to her responses to these questions.


Although Jess has always been a very strong and athletic client, I love the value and benefit she has still found through a Reformer Pilates practice. Sometimes Pilates can be dismissed as too easy for the “young, fit and strong” crowd. 


What was life like before you started Pilates with us? What problem/s were you trying to solve or improve?

Before starting Pilates my body was in a state of inflammation to point that after my high intensity bootcamp style workouts most of my joints hurt and hands would shake in pain from the impact suffered during boxing sessions. In my search for a low impact form of exercise run by highly trained instructors I found The Pilates Klinik.


Q – When you were searching where to go, what made The Pilates Klinik stand out for you?

Having been raised by two yoga teachers and my mother being a massage therapist as well, I already had a strong awareness of my body. When I did my introductory private sessions I was very impressed with Michael’s knowledge of body mechanics and the way he could easily pinpoint my weaknesses. Upon starting group classes I was very impressed by the attention the instructor’s gave to individuals when corrections, adjustments or alternatives were required. Unfortunately this is not something I find common across the fitness industry and for me it’s a deal breaker.

Q – What was the obstacle/s that almost prevented you from starting? What sold you on jumping in and joining as a member? 
Honestly the price, it was the most I had ever spent and it didn’t take long before I realised it’s 100% worth every penny! Now it in a non negotiable in my budget.
Q – What have you been able to achieve since starting? What improvements have you noticed?
Too many things to name individually! Mostly I have gained even more awareness and knowledge around moving and caring for my body. I have been able to continue Pilates throughout various injuries, inflammation flares and even grieving the loss of two family members during Covid.

Q – What has exceeded your expectations since joining?

The kindness and sincerity of Kristen and Michael! This has filtered down to their staff and even the other members.

Q – What about our business surprised you the most?
The way you handled Covid with grace and compassion. The fact that instead of leaving clients to feel guilty about canceling or pausing memberships when everything was so uncertain you just did it. Throughout the process it was clear your main concern was your clients wellbeing. This was a standout to me as it was a difficult and scary time for many and instead of handling it with fear you reached out and cared for others.
Q – If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?  –
It’s what you (Michael & Kristen) both show for your business and through example you encourage it in your staff and clients.
Q – What is your favourite exercise or movement and why? 
The many weird and wonderful stretches Michael has shown me (some of which I can’t get out of by myself) to relieve whatever odd pain I’m dealing with at the time! haha 
Q – What is your least favourite exercise or movement and why? 
Hands in straps!!! I never feel like I can lift as high as I want.

Q – What was it about your Pilates practice you wish you had known in the beginning?

It’s worth the money!
Q – What advice would you give to someone just starting their own Pilates practice as a new member at The Klinik?
Take your time and don’t compete with yourself or anyone else, that’s when injuries happen!

Jessica’s quote for her 500 plaque…

‘Treat yourself like someone you love’



Thank you Jess for being a wonderful part of our community!

– Michael


Jessica Alujevic