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Choosing the right class for your current ability and primary goals is essential to your safety and progress. We prefer people always stay on the side of caution and realise that consistency over maximal effort is going to produce the best results.

During new a clients introductory privates, instructors will advise which class types are best for them as well as offer any suggestions for when to reduce the difficulty and take it a bit slower (if any).  The below descriptions are in order of difficulty starting with the easiest and progressing to most challenging.


This is a restorative class which focuses on the healing aspect of Pilates instead of the challenging strength, coordination and control aspects.

Range & ease of motion: an important key to vitality. Feel good reformer classes will aim to restore motion and add length…not only to the spine, but in all of our joints and muscles. The class will also support becoming present, calm & aware which is great for combating stress.

Being conscious of your breath also helps lower stress levels, anxiety, and reduces tension.  Detox, relax, stretch and calm the mind in Feel-Good Reformer — it might be just what your body needs once a week to ‘come home’ & touch back in with the needs of your mind & body!

Perfect for those new to the reformer and Pilates too.



Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement. Taught as a 75 minutes mat class, Stretch therapy teaches inflexible clients how to work with their bodies and build confidence in it’s ability to move further and deeper without injury.

Suitable for all levels with a focus on the stretching beginner. 



These classes are designed to restore health, strength and well-being for our Seniors clients. A mix between Reformer Fundamentals and Feel Good Reformer without any elements that put excess strain on joints or are potentially less safe. These classes simply aim to make you move with more ease and feel  younger!



Aimed at the novice Pilates student, this class focuses on the core Pilates movements and aims to build a strong foundation of mind/body connection, good form and understanding of the pilates principles. More time is spent explaining and educating to deepen the clients understanding and awareness.

This class is recommended for clients who may lack one or some of the elements that are challenged in the group reformer classes including strength, balance, coordination and stamina.  A strong foundation is the fastest way to progress!

Perfect for those new to the reformer and Pilates too.



Our lunchtime fundamentals classes focus on spinal mobility, core strength and the traditional Pilates movements. They aim to build a strong foundation of mind/body connection, good form and understanding of the pilates principles.  Built as a slight step up on the 50+ classes, these are perfect when you are ready for a bit more of a challenge!



Utilising the most popular and well known apparatus, the reformer, this class makes up the vast majority of our schedule because the combination of exercises, variations and sequencing is endless! We include the use of the Jump board in these classes occasionally too.  These classes will challenge your strength, endurance, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and mind/body connection.

Suitable for most clients who are in relatively good health, have reasonable mobility and a basic understanding of the Pilates principles. 


This continuous circuit style class will incorporate exercises on all the Pilates equipment in our private studio including floor exercises. Expand your practise with the chair, cadillac, ladder barrel, arc, bosu, rings and other smaller equipment.

We recommend clients be very familiar with the Pilates principles with approximately 30 reformer classes before joining this class. 



*All women come in different shapes, sizes and physical abilities. Pregnant women are no different, in fact, their needs can change throughout the course of their pregnancy! For this reason, we don’t attempt to offer a “one size fits all” class for pregnant women. Instead, ladies can join whichever class/es suit there needs best. All of our instructors are able to offer modifications where and when needed!