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Over 50 Pilates program

At The Pilates Klinik, we believe in the power of Pilates to transform lives because we’ve seen it hundreds of times! We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people of all shapes and sizes feel better, move more comfortably, and be more physically capable — This is especially true for our 50’s plus clients.

How do i get started?

Suppose you don’t have previous Reformer Pilates experience. During a one-on-one session you are assessed and introduced to the Pilates method on the reformer machine by an experienced Instructor. After your private session, most clients can join group classes armed with the knowledge and guidance from the private session.

Some studios allow new clients to jump straight into classes, but we feel this is a disservice to you. We don’t want anyone to feel left behind or out of place during their first few sessions – which is why we take the time to get to know each person individually before allowing them into any class.

Being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to be at the back of a queue. We are passionate about our over 50’s members and would love to see you benefiting greatly from a Pilates practice.

Since starting in March 2019, the 50+ program has already proven to be a huge hit with over half our our members being apart of the program. Our tailored classes, reduced cost, flexible membership, and various class times make this the perfect option for anyone over 50 looking to stay fit, young, healthy, and active.

Fill in the form below, book a time to chat with our studio manager Robyn and you’ll receive 

$30 off your assessment and introductory private session.


Michael and Kristen Abbott are a husband and wife team who practice the art of Pilates, a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Together, they own and operate The Pilates Klinik. For over ten years, they have been an influential force in the world of Pilates, reshaping both the culture and style of studios across Perth.


“We were the first to create a program and community specifically for over 50’s and have continued to evolve it year after year into the amazingly successful service it is today”


Reformer pilates is a low-impact exercise, but it can powerfully improve your health. With reformer, you’ll gain strength, flexibility, and balance with your body’s own weight and spring resistance. It’s a great way to strengthen your core and improve posture. The movements in Pilates are simple enough for anyone to start, yet there are an endless variety of challenges which can keep you engaged and improving your skills over a lifetime.

It’s important to know that true Pilates is much more exercise – its a way of life. We believe in the practice as a whole-body approach to health. Reformer Pilates will improve all aspects of your physical health but also your mental health, your confidence and overall wellbeing.

What do our Over 50 Pilates classes focus on?

Essentially, we reverse the effects of aging from our modern way of life!

over 50 pilates

Over 50 Pilates - introducing our 50+ Reformer and "feel good reformer" classes

Over the past five years, we have noticed a strong demand and need for Pilates which is restorative and helps people to feel better. In response to this interest, we developed a program geared toward people over 50.

We have a large number of members in their 40s to 60s who had been asking for something more tailored to their needs, so we developed what is now our 50+ Pilates program and our “Feel Good Reformer” class.

Introducing our “Feel Good Reformer” class format was a massive hit with our members, who enjoyed the opportunity to move their bodies in ways that were restorative and just feel great. These new classes allowed people to focus on themselves, breathe easier and feel a sense of balance in their lives.

Our 50+ Pilates program is the perfect way to stay in shape and feel good about your body as you age. Our goal is to help you maintain as much strength, flexibility and balance as possible so that you can continue to enjoy life to its fullest!

These classes challenge your body in manageable ways for those who may be frailer or have less mobility than younger clients. This program offers exactly what you need at this stage in your life: gentle but effective exercises that focus on your core strength and flexibility. We’ll work with you on breathing techniques that help you relax and relieve stress and practices that encourage mobility and balance. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever comes next!