Pregnancy Pilates in Perth

Over the past decade we’ve helped 100’s of women have a smooth, natural birth and recover quickly with Reformer Pilates.


We offer suitable classes for all mums in pre-natal and post natal phases. At The Pilates Klinik, expectant mothers can maintain their fitness, energy level and overall health as well as prepare for childbirth by engaging in safe and effective Reformer Pilates classes for pregnancy Pilates in Perth. All our instructors are knowledgeable regarding the modifications and adjustments required at different stages. Simply put, our classes improve the entire pregnancy experience, from birth to recovery.

Here at our studio in Perth, we have already helped dozens of women safely and effectively navigate their pregnancies through Pilates, resulting in smooth deliveries and healthy babies! Nothing can fully prepare you for the changes in your body after childbirth and enjoying your new family. We go above & beyond to help mums look and feel great in their own skin. We care about how you feel and want to support you throughout your pregnancy and after. So, come join us!


Set in a large, ambient and beautiful space, the benefits to our pregnant clients include:

  • minimising the separation of the rectus abdominals, leading to quicker and easier reconnection after the birth
  • improved pelvic floor strength and functioning
  • upper body conditioning and muscle balancing for feeding preparation and neck care
  • breathing techniques for relaxation, hormone and labour pain management, as well as expansion of the diaphragm to allow your baby to move freely
  • attracting your blood supply to the core, providing your baby with the most effective nutrient supply for growth and development
  • controlled flexibility exercises within safe intensity levels
  • postural maintenance

“Reformer Pilates is widely considered the best form of pre and post-natal exercise. It will prepare your entire body and mind for the birth and aid in a quicker recovery…”

– Kristen

The Pilates Method is ideal for preparing the body for birth and healing the body afterwards. Our classes utilise raised reformer machines to offer a comfortable and, what many would say, the most beneficial workout while pregnant. Pilates helps by alleviating tension, toning muscles and increasing flexibility. We help expecting mothers keep fit while pregnant without straining their bodies and allowing them to meet other mums-to-be.

Pregnancy Pilates at The Klinik

Kristen, our experienced master trainer with more than 20 years of experience, has taught our team the modifications and adjustments required during each trimester of pregnancy.

Kristen has been teaching pre-and post-natal pregnancy Pilates for over a decade, helping hundreds of women and our staff members benefit from all her knowledge. 

Women come in all shapes and sizes. In our experience, it’s more effective to start with a private session which will empower you with the knowledge of how to modify the movements for your stage of pregnancy.

pregnancy pilates in perth


If you are pregnant and wanting to start Pilates it is ideal to begin with a one-on-one private session where we can assess your ability, recommend which classes are going to best for you and most importantly, teach you the modifications needed at different stages of your pregnancy.

After the private intro session, you will be advised which classes are best for your needs and ability level. We’re committed to making sure that every woman gets the most out of her experience with Pilates.

Complete the below form, book a time to chat with our studio manager and we will schedule you with one of our senior Instructors.