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The whole world was freaking out, Y2K was going to crash our modern world back into the dark ages! Power plants, banking, transportation, water… it all utilised a system that was thought to not be able to handle the new decade as we ticked over from 1999 to 2000. Doomsdayers were describing a Chernobyl repeat mixed with planes falling out of the sky and a complete meltdown of the financial systems! Remember all that?! It. was. 20. years. ago !!!

We don’t regularly think of time from such an expanded viewpoint. Feeling like time speeds up as we age is a well researched phenomenon, i personally feel like the pace of life in our society has exponentially increased since the last century. Being “busy” has almost become something to be proud of and boasted about often. When your head is down and focused on cramming as much as possible into every minute of every day, it’s almost impossible to step back and look at the overall direction of your life. To recognise the step by step mini choices that are determining the path you are wondering along.


So, how can we use this moment in time, a shiny fresh new decade, in a positive way? I have 3 suggestions for you…

Pausing to reflect, finding a macro-focus and consciously choosing your bearing.


1 –> Reflection

When our days are over scheduled, trying to juggle multiple roles and tasks, you can’t help but be focused on the immediate. We can also become addicted to seeking results, faster and faster, which leads us to add more and more to our plates. Need an answer, google. Need to feel better, take a pill. Want food, Uber eats. And on and on it goes.

So what happens when we are not able to get a result as fast as we become accustomed to? People easily become discouraged, dejected and simply stop trying. We tend to also seek comfort which can also lead to avoidance and quitting when faced with a larger effort required. So sad! In my own life, some of the most rewarding experiences and treasured memories were only found when the process and effort required was substantial.


Reflected on your own past decade, what stands out as special and memorable for you? I doubt it was that one day in 2004 when you completed 21 things on your todo list. More than likely it was the culmination of something important to you. That special holiday you saved and planned for. That new life you cared for, loved, grew and birthed. The qualification you attained. The love of your life you married. The athletic achievement you earned.


Looking back can give you clarity and motivation for the future. 

2 –> A broader perspective

Macro focus can be defined as “the practice of aligning most of your decisions and actions in life with your long-term goals. It’s about having a long-time perspective on your life and the things you need to do to achieve what you want to achieve.” Essentially, pausing long enough and often enough to take your focus off the daily busyness to ensure you are not just spinning around on a hamster wheel! If you struggled to come up with many examples to the previous paragraph in your own journey, you may of previously been falling into those trappings.

Learning how to break down these realisations into short term and long terms goals as well as actionable steps, can alleviate the anxiety that some people experience when going through such a huge exercise. You don’t need to have an executable plan fully formed, just begin to at least have these conversations with yourself.



Another advantage of changing your viewpoint to a larger one, in terms of time, is a reduction is being drawn towards fast, cheap, easy solutions. I often see this with clients when it comes to their physical health, what may of taken decades to deteriorate people want fixed in under 3 months! When viewed from a wider lens the bodies ability to heal and reverse from damage is actually quite remarkably fast .


Take advantage of this new beginning and spend some time determining what matters to you, what you value and what you want to achieve. Even the act of contemplation can begin to alter the decision and choices you make day to day. 



3 –> Be intentional in your choices

So what can you do with this fresh perspective and knowledge to make this next decade memorable and special in your life? Resolve to stay conscious of what you value, what’s matters to you and what you want. Be intentional in your choices and don’t let outside influences dissuade you from your chosen path! This is by far the simplest and HARDEST step to take, in my own experience, it works best when time is set aside to check in with how you are spending your time in relation to your highest values. Without this, the daily bombardment of advertisement and cultural influences will begin to draw your gaze and have you rushing around in the wrong direction!


Daily, weekly and/or monthly, time spent reflecting on where you were, where you are and where you are heading keeps you on the right path. 



Here are some examples from some clients and staff here at the Klinik.



“Well we moved country, started a new business, purchased our forever home but for me the 3 most memorable things are Mia, Téa and Noa”



“Finishing high school, getting my licence and starting a proper career”



“Being apart of my daughters wedding, the journey of beating breast cancer and the two year transformation of my mind and body through Pilates!”



“Started a new career as a Pilates Instructor and my own small business, got married and built a house”



We sold one business and started a new one, moving country and starting our family, changing my perspective and “my why” in fitness, riding the famous mountains from the Tour de France, becoming a Christian and being baptised, i could go on!


I hope you take the time to sit, reflect and realise how blessed and fortunate you are, as we all are in this country. We have a lot to be grateful for and the freedom to choose many things in our lives. I also hope you push yourself to move beyond your comfort zones and be bold enough to chase your dreams, use this opportunity and seize the day. Lastly, i wish you health and happiness, whatever that look like for you!