Our group class program is designed to accommodate all schedules, abilities and goals. Every 55-minute session will move the spine in every direction, including core work and leave you feeling better than when you entered!


The Pilates Klinik studio offers a unique full-body workout to help you achieve your fitness goals. Unlike traditional Pilates classes, our high-intensity classes combine resistance training with aerobic activity, which can help you tone muscle, lose weight and improve balance. During group Reformer Pilates Perth classes at our studio, individuals complete dynamic exercises using our specialised Pilates machines called reformers.

Group reformer classes at our studio are suitable for everyone from the extremely unfit and injured to elite athletes because we have 7 different class types as well as highly experienced instructors who can adjust the level of difficulty individually as the class flows along.

One of the best aspect of Pilates is how you feel. With other forms of exercise you can be left drained and fatigued. Pilates makes you feel alive, energised and just better than when you started!

reformer pilates in perth

BENEFITS of reformer pilates in perth

The reformer is a piece of equipment that makes you work hard in a whole new way. It is a unique machine that offers a low-impact workout using gravity as resistance. The Reformer comprises a carriage that the user pushes and pulls on using adjustable springs. The springs are adjustable for different difficulty levels, depending on the position of the carriage and springs. This movement is similar to using dumbbells or barbells but has much less impact on the joints.

Reformer Pilates is a great way to improve your flexibility. You can lengthen your body and retrain your muscles by engaging your core and using the springs on the reformer machine. This will help you gain more range of motion in your joints and muscles and reduce muscle stiffness. This can help reduce pain in the hips, knees, back and neck caused by tight muscles and joints.

The exercises in a Reformer Pilates class are designed to increase your range of movement. Because they are focused on lengthening your body rather than overstretching it, they help to provide increased mobility for all areas of the body. This allows for greater freedom in everyday life and physical activity. Regular practice of these movements can also help prevent injury by improving strength throughout all major muscle groups without exerting excess pressure on any area.

Reformer Pilates is one of the best ways to combat pain and improve your posture. As we live our lives, we tend to get into patterns of movement that can cause us pain. We sit in front of our computers all day, then go home to watch TV before bed. Our bodies adapt to these patterns and start to develop imbalances that lead to back pain and other issues.

If you’re looking for a way of helping yourself reverse the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, then Reformer Pilates is perfect for you. When you practice Reformer Pilates, you are strengthening the deep, supportive muscles and teaching your body how to return to its natural alignment. It prepares your body to return to its natural alignment by using gravity as resistance.

You’ll notice an improvement in your posture after 12 weeks of regular Reformer Pilates classes, and after six months, back and neck issues will begin resolving themselves as well! This means you can get back to living life at its fullest potential!

One of the best things about reformer Pilates is that it helps you slim down and lose weight. The movements of Reformer Pilates work to strengthen your core, glutes, and legs. The added resistance of the springs helps to tone your arms, shoulders, back and legs – all while you burn calories!

Reformer Pilates is a great way to burn calories and lose weight because it uses your own body as resistance, meaning you can control how much you work out by how hard you push yourself. It also puts less stress on your joints than other forms of exercise, which makes it easier for people with joint pain or injuries to exercise without pain.

Reformer Pilates is a great way to boost coordination, confidence and strength. The benefits of reformer Pilates go beyond just the physical. As your body becomes more flexible and robust, you will also notice an improvement in your coordination and confidence. This is because your brain learns to understand the movements of your body better, allowing you to perform them more fluidly and confidently.

You don’t have to be an expert to start using Reformer Pilates, but if you keep at it, you’ll likely find yourself quickly improving your skills and body! You’ll learn how to move your body in new, challenging ways and gain confidence as you master new exercises.

Reformer Pilates is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and improve your overall health.

Reformer Pilates is one of the best ways to do this because it helps you focus on your breathing while working out so that your mind is not distracted by anything else. The exercises in Pilates are designed to bring you into a state of mindfulness, which is when you focus on your body rather than on other things like work or relationships. This allows you to relax and get in touch with your body, which can help relieve stress and anxiety.

choose the right reformer classes for you

Choosing the suitable classes for your current ability and primary goals is essential to your safety and rate of progress.. We prefer people always stay on the side of caution and realise that consistency over maximal effort will produce the best results.

During new clients’ introductory private session, instructors will advise which class types are best for them and offer suggestions for when and how to modify exercises for their specific needs.


This is a restorative class which focuses on the healing aspect of Pilates instead of the challenging strength, coordination and control aspects.Range & ease of motion: an important key to vitality. Feel good reformer classes will aim to restore motion and add length…not only to the spine, but in all of our joints and muscles. The class will also support becoming present, calm & aware which is great for combating stress.Being conscious of your breath also helps lower stress levels, anxiety, and reduces tension. Detox, relax, stretch and calm the mind in Feel-Good Reformer — it might be just what your body needs once a week to ‘come home’ & touch back in with the needs of your mind & body!Perfect for those new to the reformer and Pilates too.


Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement. Taught as a 75 minutes mat class, Stretch therapy teaches inflexible clients how to work with their bodies and build confidence in it’s ability to move further and deeper without injury.Suitable for all levels with a focus on the stretching beginner.


These classes are designed to restore health, strength and well-being for our Seniors clients. A mix between Reformer 1 and Feel Good Reformer without any elements that put excess strain on joints or are potentially less safe. These classes simply aim to make you move with more ease and feel younger!


Held at different times every two weeks, this 2 hour class is designed for the novice Pilates student, this class focuses on the core Pilates movements and aims to build a strong foundation of mind/body connection, good form and understanding of the pilates principles.Improving your Pilates IQ is the fastest way to fix imbalances, gain balanced strengthen and improve your flexibility. Once you can control your body well, understand your limits and know how Pilates works best you will see and feel the results happening so much faster as you move into our other classes!


Reformer ONE is a building block on top of our Basics class, although the level maybe similar, more variety of exercises and challenges to your coordination, strength, balance and endurance are added. These classes are typically well rounded to continue to balance your overall physical wellbeing and abilities.This class is recommended for clients who may lack one or some of the elements that are challenged in the reformer 2 classes including strength, balance, coordination and stamina. A strong foundation is the fastest way to progress!Perfect for those new to the reformer and Pilates too.


These classes build on Reformer ONE by challenging your strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility and mind/body connection in every way possible!Suitable for most clients who are in relatively good health, have reasonable mobility and a basic understanding of the Pilates principles.

Small group apparatus

A more intimate group class, these classes are a great compliment to the reformer program, opening up an entire new range of exercises and movements utilising all the different equipment Joesph Pilates created.

The smaller group size also allows the teacher to help you deepen your understanding of Pilates and ensure you are performing movements correctly.


Held in the second studio room. These circuit style classes have 5 “stations” utilising any of the equipment as a station including Mats, Reformers, Towers, Chairs, Jump boards, Cadillac, Arcs, Ladder Barrel and more. Open to all clients who like to sweat, have a chat and work hard, these classes are a great compliment to the Reformer and a lot of fun!


All women come in different shapes, sizes and physical abilities. Pregnant women are no different, in fact, their needs can change throughout the course of their pregnancy! For this reason, we don’t attempt to offer a “one size fits all” class for pregnant women. Instead, ladies can join whichever class/es suit their needs best. All of our instructors are able to offer modifications where and when needed!


Our group reformer classes are programmed and developed by our Master Instructor, Kristen, a Pilates professional with more than two decades of experience. She works closely with our team to ensure that the highest standard of instruction is maintained.

Our group reformer classes are limited to 15 people, our Group Circuit to 10 and our Tower/Mat are limited to 7.

Reservations are required for all classes. See our live schedule below, download our scheduling app to make reservations.


We’ve developed and refined the introductory process after working with thousands of people over 20 years to ensure they start Pilates the best possible way.