Meet our team

Michael Abbott Founder, Business Manager & Senior Instructor

Since starting Reforming Indy Pilates studios in 2007, Michael has organised and managed every aspect of the business behind the scenes. He has enjoyed bringing the same high level of customer service and standards to the Pilates Klinik and foster our community of like-minded people who feel like the studio is their second home. Michael has also been mentored by Kristen to become a good instructor in his own right, he enjoys challenging peoples mental barriers as much as their physical and pushes clients to re-imagine what they thought was possible for themselves.

Over the past several years Michael has personally pursued bodyweight and gymnastic training for adults as well as many different modalities of flexibility which he incorporates into his teaching.

"We've been gifted with these phenomenal machines that are capable of so much more than just transporting our brains around, to me, exploring that potential is the most enjoyable and fun thing there is!"

Kristen Abbott Founder & Master Instructor

With over 20 years experience as a dancer, Kristen began Pilates instruction with a unique advantage for training clients. With an amazing eye and understanding of how the body moves, Kristen quickly evolved into a master trainer having studied one of Pilates’ most recognized accreditation through the Physical Mind Institute she went on to become comprehensively certified through Balanced Body and the Pilates Method Alliance. As a faculty member for Balanced Body education, Kristen has taught and mentored dozens of Pilates professionals and has always been a strong believer in passing on her knowledge and experience to her own instructors, to maximize the experience for everyone who tries Pilates. Kristen is recognised at the Australia Pilates associations highest level.

"Pilates transforms lives, when someone is ready and willing to change, there is no better modality to heal, strengthen and grow. I've seen it happen a thousand times and it will never become less rewarding or amazing to be apart of"

Jacinta Baxter Pilates Instructor

As a long time dancer who has been teaching younger kids for years, Jacinta naturally took to commanding the class room with her energetic vibes! Her natural mind-Body connection from a lifetime in dance helped Jacinta become a great teacher very quickly, her clients love how she explains everything she should be feeling to help them deepen their own practice while always keeping it challenging, fun and varied.

"Watching people become aware of how much more they are capable of is so rewarding and fun to see"

Amy Berich Pilates Instructor

I have always had a love for fitness, but after having two children, my body wasnt responding well to the running and hiit workouts i was use too. I stumbled across an online pilates mat challenge and thought id give it a go. I instantly fell in love with the exercises, the way it made me feel and my body responded really well to the workouts. I soon found the Pilates Klinik and gave reformer classes a go. I was amazed at how awesome I was feeling from these low impact classes on the Reformer, I soon decided I wanted to learn all about pilates and teach others this amazing form of exercise. I enrolled with Kristen to do the Balanced Body teacher training and absolutely loved it! Now teaching at the studio, I get to share my love of pilates with the many clients that come to our classes.

Amanda Beringer Pilates Instructor

Like so many other women, Amanda discovered Pilates following the birth of her children, and found it a great way to regain strength, mobility and help with overall body tone.
This pastime quickly became more of a passion, culminating in enrolment in an Instructor Course at Pilates Klinik. This has developed her skills and knowledge and she is now thriving and enjoying the new challenges as an Instructor.

Combined with her studies as a Primary School Teacher, it is clear that helping people learn, flourish and achieve their goals is something Amanda loves to do.

Karen Russell Pilates Instructor

Karen started doing Pilates in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Living with intermittent pain from an old back injury for years, Karen experienced, with regular Pilates, a significant reduction in pain and fell in love! Following that Karen started Polestars mat training certification program.

After returning to Australia, Karen decided to take on the comprehensive training course at Pilates Klinik.

"I love teaching, particularly one-on-one, to this end I am now studying for a Clinical Pilates Diploma to extend my range of skills and knowledge. This will allow me to confidently work with a much broader range of clients experiencing pain and injury. I am now also completely pain free!

There are many different forms of movement out there but in order to engage regularly in it you have to love it! I hope pilates will become your joy too"

Gillian Morgan Pilates Instructor

Gillian was a gymnast and dancer from a young age as well as going on to teach fitness and dance classes. This background made it easy for Gillian to take what she learnt through her comprehensive certification with Kristen and begin teaching Pilates. Before finding pilates, Gillian battled bone cancer in her left leg which required multiple surgeries and nearly 10 years.

"Finding Pilates when I was looking to heal and find myself was perfect timing. Being able to teach again and share this method of healing and strengthening is my passion now"

Emma Wilson Senior Pilates Instructor

In 2004, along with her young family Emma embarked on an international adventure living and working in the Middle East, Europe and
Australia. During this time, she developed her passion for fitness and rehabilitation, training with internationally renowned Polestar Education to become a certified Mat and Studio Pilates Practitioner.

As part of her journey, she has completed certification as a Yoga instructor, a Titleist Performance Institute® certified Golf Fitness practitioner and FMS’s Functional Movement Screen™.

Currently, Emma is in the final year of her Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree. She continues to develop her passion for the Pilates method, combining it with the knowledge gained through her degree and experience.

Megan Wilson Pilates Instructor

After working for 10 years as a swim school supervisor teaching children, adults and Instructors important life skills through moment in the water she was after a career change. Megan had always had a passion for fitness and sports and knew her new career path needed to incorporate it. It was suggested by a family member she look into Reformer Pilates and after a bit of research found The Pilates Klinik Instructor Training Course.

"Meeting with Kristen I felt an instant connection to her and the studio. I had lost my Mother in 2016 to Motor Neurons (MND), seeing her body waste and no longer function the way it was made too was very impactful. I realised how important it was to love your body, not for how it was when we were 16 or 23 or 45 but for what it is right now. Being in your body and in the moment. Experiencing what Pilates meant to Kristen and seeing the benefits it can have for fitness and Rehabilitation, I knew our values allied and I was hooked."

Jenna Waight Pilates Instructor

Jenna is a long term devotee to Pilates practice, starting her own personal journey back in 2009 and later progressing to Teaching in 2021. From rehabilitating multiple injuries, to gaining a great amount of physical and mental strength, it’s no wonder she fell in love with Pilates and the amazing benefits it brings.

She loves how it caters for everyone and is passionate towards helping others improve their flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

“Embrace and love your body, for it’s the most amazing thing you will ever own.”

Rhianne Bender Pilates Instructor

Rhianne's journey with Pilates is an inspiration to anyone feeling hopeless. In the beginning, every session was painful, nearly all exercises were regressed to their most basic form with less resistance. Session by session, Rhianne built strength, stability and control. The progress fed her determination and hope until she was no longer in pain!

Her passion for Pilates led to pursuing Teacher Training with Kristen and now, she helps others experience the same results and freedom Pilates has given her.

That same passion has transformed Rhi inside and out, she especially loves working one on one with clients to help them experience the same transformation she has found.

Our Studio


Our child care room is a large, air conditioned space, adjacent to our reception area full of games, toys and bright colours to entertain your children while you enjoy Pilates! The supervised creche hours are 8.30am - 12.30am, reservations are required.

Group Reformer Room

Our group classes room is a very large space with sound paneling to improve the sound, in ceiling speakers for surround sound, a oversize fan to circulate the air and 12 balanced body allegro 2 reformers with all the small equipment and props needed to transform your body!

Private Training Room

Our Private room has a full cadillac, a studio reformer, two allegro 2’s and two chairs. We also have a complete functional zone with kettle bells, adjustable weight bench and a heavy duty rig with explosion ladder, multiple pull up areas and gymnastic rings for body weight training.

Therapy Room

We have two bathrooms, a full disabled oversized one with a shower and another single toilets both unisex. There is also a therapy room for remedial massage appointments (hicaps available).