Chloe Dimov

Prior to Pilates, Chloe was always active and into sports but never stepped foot in a gym! When her doctor and other health care professionals suggested Pilates for her scoliosis condition she decided to try it. 


Chloe joined the studio as a member in September of 21 and has never looked back. Having joined as a Gold member from day one, Chloe was also one of the fastest to join the 100+ club as well the first to do so without missing a class. She has never missed a booked class in more than 250 sessions, let that sink in! 


After falling in love with The Pilates Method, Chloe decided on a career change and pursued the teacher training program with Kristen. In her own words ” The course heightens your awareness of which muscles are actually working and gave me a strong understanding of what my personal weaknesses were” .


Chloe now loves getting to know our members as people and hearing their life stories. “For me it’s about helping people realise they can be stronger and more capable than they realise and that committing to yourself first, only allows you to help others around you more. Something I struggled with before finding Pilates”


No one’s perfect, Chloe prefers Dogs to Cats, beyond that, she’s one of the nicest and most genuine people we know. I hope you find some value in her responses below. 

Q – What was life like before you started Pilates with us? What problem/s were you trying to solve or improve?

I was a beauty therapist for 15 years working long days and feeling the effects on my body from the different positions I worked in for hours on end. I was holding alot of tension in my neck and shoulders along with pressure and stress in my back. I wanted to feel better overall. I have ‘S’ curve Scoliosis and with that comes stiffness, unbalanced muscle development, sometimes pain and very tight muscles in certain areas.

Q –  What sold you on jumping in and joining as a member?
Change isn’t always easy, and wanting to improve your health does require effort but it’s worth it. Signing up as a member meant that I set myself that challenge of trying to get a certain number of classes each and every month. This meant I was consistent in the long term and that’s when I started to see results.

Q – What improvements have you seen since starting Pilates?

My posture has improved, I have a more balanced muscle development, less tension through my neck and shoulders (which has meant less headaches) and I can breathe more deeply.

Q – What has exceeded your expectations since joining?

Seeing how hard Kristen and Michael work within their own business is amazing. I have met very kind, caring and friendly staff & members along the way and it has been lovely getting to know them.

Q – If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why? 
Vitality. I feel pilates helps your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It gives you the confidence to live your happiest and healthiest life because you feel stronger, more capable and just better. 
Q – What is your favourite exercise or movement and why?
Stretching my lower back and hamstrings and strengthening my lower abdominals, hip flexors and scapulo-thoracic joints. Even though I still find exercises that focus on these areas really really difficult (and when I first started pilates these would have been my least favourite) I now understand that my body probably needs them the most.
Q – What is your least favourite exercise or movement and why? 
I’m not sure what my least favourite would be, but sometimes the exercises we don’t want to do are the ones our bodies will benefit greatly from so I try to embrace that. 
Teacher training with 3 other current staff members, Karen, Linda and Paula!
Q – What was it about your Pilates practice you wish you had known in the beginning?
Remember to breathe because sometimes we hold our breath when we concentrate, especially when we first start pilates. Breathing can help you find that mind body connection and awareness.
Q – What advice would you give to someone just starting their own Pilates practice as a new member at The Klinik?
Take your time when doing your exercises. I feel it’s better to do less repetitions with correct form, precision and control.

I’d listen to Chloe’s experience and advise. Her rapid rate of progress and transformation has been impressive!