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Month 3 update


This past months training and progress has been a little pedestrian, not bad, not great.

I’ve missed a few evening sessions with the Perth City Masters squad, usually, i allow myself to skip it after intending to go. A mentally challenging work day or some form of stress in the few hours leading up to the start time with the wife and/or kids are usually the catalyst.

I hate the feeling of being so easily dissuaded and get more angry with that than actually not going. A few times this has happened I’ve tried to make it up with some big plan to do lots on the weekend which is less than ideal for the big picture.

Apart of the appeal for me, with any endeavour like this, is the way it challenges an aspect of my personality i recognise doesn’t come naturally, the ability to ride the ups and downs without going off the rails too far in either direction! In the past I’ve been attracted to things that don’t come easily and this whole effort is definitely in that category. Being ok, or even relishing, pushing into areas of  struggle, is a fantastic characteristic in my book and one identify with.


I try to seek and highlight mini victories or progress along the way to foster more motivation and energy to keep going.

This month had lots of those…

I went on a Sunday bike to “check out” how far Rotto looked from Cottesloe.

I have noticed the ability to stay around the 2min 100m pace much easier and almost cruisey.

I can “play” with so many different variables in my stroke now seeking efficiency and speed.
I’ve raised over $500 towards my target of $2500. Okay $200 was me but it still counts.

I have noticed my fitness improved and HR becoming less of the limiting factor.

I’m bouncing off the lane ropes less and less with backstroke! haha

I did my longest distance in a day being 7km.

I have a better sense of pace and can with reasonable accuracy tell what a particular 100m “felt like” in terms of timing.


On Saturday i had planned to see if i could do 10km in total by attending the Perth City session and then the rest at a local pool. The Masters squad only has access to the pool 3 times a week for 90 minutes so i couldn’t stay in one spot. The squad session was great and i felt good, after driving North to Craigie leisure centre i was hopeful and positive i could do it.


Around the one kilometre mark i started to notice my left shoulder aching and it becoming sore, stroke by stroke, lap by lap, a more frequent interruption to the flow of other thoughts. I finished two kilometres straight and paused for a minute or so to stretch. As soon as i started up again the shoulder was dominating my focus and i quickly crumbled. I managed to do one more kilometre in 50’s and 100’s but had decided to give up. Its tough to know if you are causing more damage and potentially regressing or should persevere, but this is true in many aspect of life isn’t it?!



I’ve booked a physiotherapy session with a specialist in swimming and hope to gain a better understanding of what is happening and what i can do to minimise the interruption. I am nervous to have a 10 kilometre ocean swim race scheduled in less than 2 weeks but a little excited to take on that challenge, mainly because at this stage it feels mammoth and, for me, testing myself is apart of what makes life so amazing.


Wish me luck! or better yet, donate a few dollars to a worthy cause to show your support.