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The Winter 50 Challenge


Its Back!


The winter 50 Challenge was a popular community event we held 2 years ago where our members committed to try attend 50 classes over the 3 months of Winter. The colder mornings, the shorter days and the gloom make for a dangerous recipe that leads to hibernation with extra television and snack binge sessions. Plus, as we all know, summer bodies are built in winter! This is the perfect goal and group accountability event to stay on track and come out the other side looking and feeling amazing.


Members who join will have the months of June, July and August to take as many classes as they can up to 50. Last time, even those who didn’t quite make the full 50 were grateful for the extra boost and motivation so don’t let that possibility discourage you from participating!

The cost join is $100 for Bronze members, $50 for Silver members and free for our Gold members. Priority will be given to our gold and silver members first and open to all members from the 15th of May, if any spots remain.  We will post a chart where you can record your progress and help keep each other accountable!


Limited to only 30 people, this will fill up so be quick! You can call the studio to reserve a spot or write your name on the list posted on our community board. We will have a special drawing for 3 prize hampers 1st, 2nd and 3rd, from those who complete the challenge at the conclusion and a little get together to celebrate!