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Online Reformer Classes


If you have a Reformer at home and want to take classes with a teacher with over 20 years experience as a Pilates Instructor then this is for you!

With 3 weekly classes being delivered for only $11 AUD a week, this is a great addition to your home workouts while we are unable to attend our local studios and continue to grow your practice…



Kristen began as a Professional Dancer working in LA, Disney world and aboard cruise ships. During her time at Disney Kristen completed the comprehensive Pilates certification through the Physical Mind Institute. In 2006 she opened her first studio and together, we grew it a yearly revenue over a million dollars. In 2012 Kristen completed the Balanced Body comprehensive certification along with their teacher trainer certifications and we became the host studio for all of their courses in Indiana.

In 2014 we moved to Perth and founded The Pilates Klinik so we could raise our 3 daughters in my hometown!



Having taught over 10,000 hours to clients and educated 100’s of potential instructors, Kristen has picked up a lot of knowledge over the years.  She regularly attended the Pilates on Tour conferences learning from Pilates leaders like Ron Fletcher, Madeline Black and Mary Bowen.



These classes will be suitable for everyone with modifications offered to decrease or increase the challenge along the way. They will also avoid using adjustments that not everyone may have like moveable foot bars, jump boards or props beyond a box. Being made available via private youtube link means you can watch anytime you like and redo classes multiple times.

I might be bias, ok i am, but Kristen has a wonderful way of making people feel good about themselves, their ability and helping them explore what’s possible for themselves through Pilates.