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Firstly, we must thank everyone who took the time to fill in our member survey and provide all the excellent feedback we collected! There were many interesting similarities that jumped out as common themes, here are the top 5…

  1. The vast majority of you took the time to express gratitude for the people we are, the studio we have built and the service we provide! It could never get old hearing that what you are passionate about adds value to other peoples lives so, thank you fo that!
  2. From the 7 listed options to choose what aspects were most important to you, many placed “community and connection” as the least important. We are guessing this is a reflection of the busy lives we all lead in this faced paced society, but also, we realise you are members of The Pilates Klinik to primarily get results.
  3. There was an overwhelming number of you who have had a substantial improvement in aches, pains and previous physical limitations. This was including many who have been coming for less than 6 months! It is great to hear that so many are seeing and feeling such real benefits from adding in just a few hours a week of intelligent exercise.
  4. Some of you feel that we don’t offer enough options and avenues for those who are not ready for regular group reformer classes and that this is a missed opportunity. We agree there are very few options for people between physiotherapy and “fill in the blank” group fitness classes. As a business, this is difficult to overcome.  Many people who are perhaps not ready for group reformer classes are very different from each other and require a lot of personal attention to learn their bodies limitations, regain confidence in their bodies and time to focus on the “weak links” so to speak. This is perhaps the biggest area we have worked on and are so excited to roll out the changes we have planned!!!
  5. Many of you would like to see more class options to focus on flexibility, mobility and joint health. Some others went further and requested classes that includes homework exercises and a sense of progression for this area. Although we feel the term approach to classes is too difficult to make sense as a business, we have incorporated this into our plans as well!

We were so happy to hear so many people recognise that the true power of Pilates comes in connecting better with your body and that the real benefit is to just feel better! We hope to continue to educate all new clients so that they too realise that with consistency, time and a desire to learn/implement the Pilates method the result can be extremely positive and very profound.


Here is our new class schedule based on your feedback!



It includes more feel good reformer classes, more reformer fundamentals classes and a new class type called “Stretch Therapy” that we are so excited to launch! All total, we have 31 classes each week to move your body and feel better!

The Jump-board class has been ended. We felt this was not the best way for clients to experience the benefits of the Jump-board, instead we will be incorporating it into some regular group reformer classes. For those who are looking for a slightly harder challenge that includes a cardio aspect as well, Kristen has added a 2nd Group Apparatus circuit class now on Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am.

The new class called Stretch Therapy will be Mat based held in the private room, it will be limited to 8 people and is slightly longer at 75 minutes. Initially this class will be tailored to help those who struggle with limited mobility with the hopes to add in Advanced Stretch Therapy Classes in the future. We have been building this new program up for some months now and couldn’t be more ready for our clients to experience how profoundly positive this method can be for your overall feeling of wellbeing. We will have a blog post on exact what Stretch Therapy is coming soon…

There is now a 9.30am Group Reformer class every day including the opportunity to do classes back to back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with mobility based classes directly after the Group Reformers on those days!


Thankyou for all your feedback and continued support of us and The Pilates Klinik, we love you guys xox


– Michael & Kristen