Teacher Training Schedule for 2019

With 6 people about to commence Teacher training and special additional mentoring with Kristen in 2 weeks time, we are really excited to build this program in 2019 with many more!

Not everyone is looking to transition into a new career as a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher, some just love Pilates and want to know more about the Method for their own knowledge and practise!

No matter your reasons, everyone who spends 2 or 3 days learning more about the Pilates Method with Kristen walks away glad they did. There is something unique about the concentrated and focused time spent delving deeply into Pilates that magnifies and multiplies the “ah ha” moments and growth of understanding for all students.


We have a variety of pilate training courses across Perth and can help find the perfect one for you.


Here are the planned dates for the upcoming modules…


Reformer 1 & Movement Principles…..  *combined*  November 28/29/30/1

Reformer 2 …..  January 18/19/20

Mat 1 & 2 ….. *combined* February 14/15/16/17

Reformer 3 ….. March 15/16/17

Barrels & Chair ….. *combined* April 5/6/7

Cadillac ….. May 3/4/5

Anatomy ….. May 25/26

Mat 3 ….. June 14/15/16



Reformer 1 & Movement Principles…..  *combined*  June 27/28/29/30

Reformer 2 …..  July 18/19/20

Mat 1 & 2 ….. *combined* August 15/16/17/18

Reformer 3 ….. September 13/14/15

Barrels & Chair ….. *combined* October 18/19/20

Cadillac ….. November 15/16/17

Mat 3 ….. December 6/7/8


Those interested in more information are encouraged to email the studio so we can answer any questions you may have and add you to the educational list.  *info@thepilatesklinik.com.au*