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Why Choose Kristen?

We are receiving a few inquiries from people who are deciding where they want to go through some of Pilates education. There are not many choices here in Perth that are recognised, comprehensive in their content and well structured. Probably 3 if I’m being honest.


With the Balanced Body program Kristen delivers being one of them, here are 5 reasons i think make it the best choice for someone who wants to have a successful career as a Pilates teacher…


1 ~ Individual Attention

Some other courses accept 20, even 30 or more enrolments. Although you may be able to absorb the information being presented to you, this heavily reduces your ability to ask questions and interact. We have set a cap of only 8 students which means, as a participant, you get a LOT of personal attention and guidance along the way.

2 ~ International recognition

Balanced Body is the worlds largest educator with over 40 years delivering education throughout the world, it is only a recent change that has encouraged them to allow their programs into Australia (Basically they no longer supply equipment to some other education companies here in Australia and without that conflict have brought the educational component to our shores).  Their certifications are known wherever you travel throughout the industry and world, which is a nice bonus.


3 ~ More comprehensive than “comprehensive”

The Pilates industry is in a battle right now, as group reformer programs are popping up everywhere, the need for instructors is rapidly rising. The profession is simultaneously fighting for its recognition as a genuine alternative health modality, not just a fitness program. Some educators are focused on providing courses that get a student “up and running” to fill this need, while others are trying to keep the standard of education and knowledge of the method as high as possible. Balanced Body has been associated with the original students of Joseph Pilates and all the masters of the Method for decades and are fiercely dedicated to educating its students to the highest level.

The comprehensive certification has more hours of contact, practice and self practise than almost all others. Although you may be able to get some training for less time and money, in the long run, the better instructors will always have more opportunity and work.


“Cost is what you pay, Value is what you get”


4 ~ A Home studio

This is a huge one! Some courses are not associated with a studio directly, meaning, you have no ongoing day-to-day connection outside of the course delivery. We get asked very often, as do other studios, if we allow outside students doing other trainings if they can oversee and practice at our studio because of this problem. (We reserve this for our own mentors). We see our own student teachers in every class, they are able to observe sessions by different instructors and with different client types. They have access to Kristen whenever they have questions or need guidance. Almost all student teachers say they learn just as much being in and around the studio as they do in the official course materials. Plus, its a special thing to build a connection with those with similar values and passions as yourself!


“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” 


5 ~ Ongoing mentoring

Even though the modules cover a massive amount of content, there are just some things you can’t combine and learn through a standardised program. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry as a professional instructor, studio owner and teacher trainer, Kristen has collected a lifetime of knowledge. All students who pay for and attend the comprehensive program get to be included in a mentorship program Kristens created for FREE that meets biweekly for a few hours.

Over the past 15 years we have employed over 70 Pilates instructors and not employed hundreds more. We have seen what makes a bad instructor, a good instructor or a great instructor. Not only does Kristen pass on valuable information to accelerate your own scope of practice but its tailored to take you from 0 to an excellent, well rounded teacher, including everything you need to build and grow your own clientele.


“Knowing the material is the foundation, being guided as you embody the method is key”



Ultimately, for most people this is more than just a job, they want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, they want to connect with a community of likeminded people, they want to pursue balance, wellbeing and purpose in their lives. We have loved helping thousands of clients through Pilates over the years but it’s a special thing to be apart of someones transition into making Pilates apart of their lives as Teachers. We would love to help you too!