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Please Welcome Tash


Hi guys! Michael here,


I have been using the therapy room at the back of our studio to continue to treat family, friends, referrals and our clients since we opened the studio. As a therapist for nearly 20 years, I’m pretty fussy about who I let work on me and am even tougher on who I rate as a quality practitioner. I had no intention of letting anyone else use my treatment room, however, when Tash approached me I was open to a free massage from someone with over a decade of experience!


Over the years Tash has developed a wide skill set that has allowed her to work in the Professional Sporting field across multiple codes within New Zealand and now Perth, WA. In Tash’s words,  “I enjoy being able to understand and identify each individual’s own unique biomechanics, which helps to identify areas of disfunction/injury/restrictions. Being able to help my clients with all their aches and pains, as well as educate them on their body helps give a greater understanding to encourage the Mind-Body connection to add with recovery from injury, injury management and prevention.”

Having a wholistic approach that involves educating and empowering the client to be apart of the journey is perfectly aligned to our beliefs and values. I’m excited to have Tash  available to our community on the days I don’t see clients myself, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.


Tash will have rebates available in the new year. Her rates are $95 for the initial 60 min session and the following for all following.

$130 – 90 min sessions

$90 – 60 min sessions

$75 – 45min sessions


You can book by going to her website, instagram or facebook and clicking on the book now link. Alternatively you can call her on 0422726400.