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50+ Pilates Program Update

Back in March we had 10 over 50’s people embark on our new program, which they hoped would help change their lives significantly.  Since then the program has grown exponentially with new members signing up each week.  When I asked these members to provide some feedback on the program and how they are feeling, I was overwhelmed by positive responses.  One of our fabulous founding members Margs had this to say, “I am a 50+ Pilates novice. I regularly (3x week) attend with a fabulous fun group of men and women. Our instructors are really experienced and challenge us to improve at our own speed, which I love. Most of us have some health issues or joint trouble. This form of exercise is challenging but very gentle.”


Our 50 plus classes are specially tailored to suit people with a wide range of ailments.  Arthritis, back pain, knee and hip replacements or just regular joint stiffness and mobility issues that can develop over time.  With a focus on movement, mobility, balance, flexibility and low impact strength training, our classes are an effective and safe way to improve how your body functions, not only in a class setting but in your everyday life. Our founding members say that they already feel more balanced, strong and flexible. Founding member Sue wrote, “I joined the Pilates Klinik just over 3 months ago and already I have found a great improvement in my balance and leg strength (the arms will catch up soon).  The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful no matter your ability.” Our sessions are conducted with our clinically trained instructors and are in a safe and supportive small class format. This ensures you get individual guidance and support from your trainer throughout the hour.  We also make sure we have some fun and a bit of a laugh while we are hard at work, such as the renaming of the thoracic spine to Jurassic spine (titled by one of our founding members!).

Now over two months in, the results of these people’s hard work are starting to come to fruition, “Since joining the 50+ group at the Pilates Klinik I find a lot of my aches and pains have gone. I am getting more and more flexible and feeling better all the time,” says founder member Donna.  “After trying and giving up on gyms and exercise classes at last I have found something that works that I really enjoy!”  We are seeing people getting stronger, more mobile, touching their toes again, increased balance, less general stiffness and achieving personal goals.

We understand that price can often be a limiting factor when it comes to starting up a new activity.  It was important to us that we make this program accessible so we could start helping as many people as possible experience the limitless benefits of Pilates.  We listened to this feedback and created a new ‘off peak’ membership which covers classes between the hours of 11.30am – 2.30pm.   For $140 a month, clients get 8 classes making each session only $17.50 (a whopping 50% our standard pricing).  This has opened the door for many people who felt like Reformer Pilates was out of their price range.  One of our members said, “The over 50’s suit me because of the reduced cost and the emphasis to do the exercises with modifications in cases where arthritis makes it limiting.”  Our memberships do not have any joining fees or lock in contracts, we just require 2 weeks written notice to cancel a membership should your situation change, simple.

100% of our founding members are still going strong, which is a testament to how the program is making them feel!

We are already seeing benefits in clients who have just started our program, Dallas says, “Since joining The Pilates Klinik last month I am so pleased how my journey has progressed so far. I am finding that my strength is improving as well as my overall health.”


Joseph Pilates famously said, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” Our 50+ members seem to agree with this sentiment, and we would love for you to get that ‘new body’ feeling too!  Sue says, “I recommend you give it a go, no matter what age you are.”


Interested in trying for yourself?

Unless you have previous Reformer Pilates experience you will need to be assessed, introduced to the Pilates Method and the Reformer machine. We do this over the course of 2 private sessions with an Instructor. This pack of 2 one-on-one clinical Pilates sessions is $125. Following these sessions the vast majority of clients are able to join in the group classes with a solid understanding of the method and their own personal focuses.


Call us on 9301-0718 to chat about your needs, book a trial and experience for yourself how good Pilates is!


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