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Guest Teacher –> Emily Sharpe is coming!

Folks we’ve tried everything to get Emily a Visa to move to Perth over the past year and teach at the studio! Emily and Husband Matt would move here tomorrow if they could but the borders are pretty tight these days. We have been able to arrange a 3 week guest teaching period between December 3rd and 19th where Emily will be taking over the studio. We couldn’t be more excited for our clients to be exposed to the wealth of knowledge and experience Emily has gained over the years.


Emily Sharpe lives life the way many people dream of. She has spent 7 years living in Colorado hiking over 29 peaks in the Rocky Mountains over 14,000 ft in elevation- also known as “14ers”. Emily hiked the tallest peak in the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney, with an elevation of 14,505′. For those unsure how high that is, the highest point in the darling ranges is under 2,000ft, yea, slightly different over there! She’s travelled to adventurous destinations including Africa’s Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, elevation 19,341′.


Beyond climbing, camping and skiing, Emily loves all forms of physical movement. Strength training, running, hiking, Emily just loves the outdoors, being active, and exploring human movement in all it’s forms. In 2008 Emily found Pilates and become true believer as it reduced chronic knee pain from years of dance and softball, it wasn’t until 2013 when she decided to follow her passion and create a career for herself as a Pilates Professional with the encouragement of her sister in Law, Kristen. By the end of 2013 Emily was teaching and by the start of 2014 was working full time, a real testament to her dedication and passion for Pilates!


Emily is a member and certified Pilates instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance. She was comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and has been trained in the Balanced Body MOTR, the BODHI Suspension System and Balanced Body Barre. She has trained and been mentored by well renowned Pilates professionals including Courtney Miller, Anula Maiberg and Cara Reeser from the Kathy Grant lineage.

Emily has taken a variety of CECs and continuing education workshops including Athletic Reformer, Advanced Reformer Repertoire, the Art of Tactile and Verbal Cueing, Reformer on the Mat, Pilates with Props and more. Emily was chosen to be an ambassador for Momentum Fest, a 3 day Pilates inspired movement festival held in Denver, CO and is a 2018 graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. Basically, Emily has never looked back and has a real thirst to grow for herself and her clients.


If you are a past class client, a current members or a private client, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the time Emily is here and take as many sessions with her as you can. We may be offering 1 or 2 special workshops with Emily as well so look out for more details to come…


As a special offer we have  5 class passes for only $125, available to everyone, that can be purchased for use anytime in December. Use this link to purchase today!