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The Pilates Apparatus


Have you ever walked into The Pilates Klinik Apparatus room and seen a whole heap of medieval looking equipment and wondered “WHAT THE?” 




Did you know that when it comes to pilates, the reformer is only one of the many different apparatus available to our pilates repitore. A comprehensively trained instructor is educated in learning the traditional way to use the Cadillac, the Trapeze, the Chair, the Ladder Barrel, the Step Barrel and the Reformer.

The early concept of the reformer was developed by Joseph Pilates during the outbreak of World War 1 when he was imprisioned at a British internment camp. Joseph spent time in the camp as a nurse, attatching springs to beds to enable injured soldiers and people to exercise their muscles while they were poorly and recovering.

After the war Joseph moved to America where he met his future wife Clara on the Atlantic crossing. He establish the first Pilates studio above a dance studio where he implemented his method of ‘Contrology’ it became extremely popular with dancers and ballerinas.

As well as the reformer Joseph developed the additional apparatus and their individual movement repertoire. The different apparatus all uphold the integrity of Josephs teachings in accordance with “The 6 Pilates Principles”








Each apparatus can be used to support peoples each individual need, catering to all body types and abilities. The extensive movement options available to support, encourage and stabilise correct movement in the human body is why Pilates really is something for everyone and any one. 

So don’t be scared, get out of your comfort zone, come and speak to one of our instructors about booking a private to experience something different and new for the mind and body or, if you have been a members for a while, book into a class! It’s fun to try new things and challenge yourself, some of the greatest gains come when we step outside of our comfort zones.