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Music Trivia Night Wrap up!


Wow! What a fantastic event, the Reformer room was cleared out of equipment and filled with tables, chairs and over 70 people for our big fundraising event of the year, the Music Trivia Night!

The night was sold out with 18 teams of 4 people including members, family and friends. Everyone settled in with their favourite snacks and drinks ready to go by 6pm.

The class room has never seen so few leggings and so many shoes but it was for an awesome cause.


The Competition


The lead was a 2 horse race in the first 3 rounds between team Marty and team Vanessa, however, team Dee stole the lead and held onto it from rounds 4 through 7.



Team Marty


Team Dee



From that point on however, Team Vanessa took back control and lead all the way until the end of round 15 to take the Win!


Venessa and Andy from Team Venessa


Amazingly, the two teams who came 2nd and 3rd never had the lead. Team Linda was coming 4th going into the last round, which turned out to be the lowest scoring round of the night…. “hip hop”. 5 teams didn’t get any title or artists at all. Linda’s team scored 16 points and took 2nd place. Team Angela was consistent the whole way through and came in 3rd.

Team Angela


The wooden spoon winners were the only team to not crack 100 points with a grand total of 76, Team Margaret might of been denied any chance of winning the trivia but team captain Margaret made sure she won an envelope in the Auction, way to go Margaret!


It was so much fun watching everyone perk up as a favourite song started or freak out when the brain just wouldn’t produce the answer to the same familiar tune! Hearing the collective groan when a song was cut off right before a big moment or when the room took over and sung on without the music anyway, again, it was such a fun night to host and get to be apart of!




For those who asked and wanted to know… here are the round clues.

  1. Great lyrics
  2. TV Show themes
  3. Big Hair, don’t care
  4. Spotifys most played
  5. Best selling all time
  6. One hit wonders
  7. Iconic movie soundtracks
  8. Triple J #1’s
  9. Backwards through the decades
  10. Boys vs Girls
  11. Down on the Farm
  12. Spin it DJ
  13. Artists with Staying Power
  14. Broadway
  15. Hip Hops greatest

The answers will be made available shortly when I make the Spotify play list public so you can listen along and relive the night!



The Fundraising

We hoped to raise money in a few different ways, firstly the ticket sales from the night, 18 tables x 4 seats x $15 = $1080. The table hire and seats were going to be over $500 however, Darrel and Vicki Fox hooked us up with John at Party Plus in Joondalup who graciously reduced the cost to support another local small business and Darrel paid the rest! As I was setting up the night I couldn’t handle the sea of white so Kristen picked up table cloths, I was phone this morning to say a table had been broken which is $85 but I guess you can’t make an omelette with break some eggs!

After the expenses that $851 from ticket sales towards the total.


We held a small, on the night raffle for 3 prizes, the first two were for a bottle of wine, chocolates and 3 x $10 vouchers to Talk & Oak espresso Bar in Connolly, donated by the owner and our member Craig. The major prize was a Canadian club Corn hole game donated by Darrel and Vicki from their Indoor Beach volley ball booze rep, a hotly coveted prize that was purchased directly from the winner for an undisclosed amount of cash!

The raffle raised another $205 towards the total.


The major raffle, was drawn on the night by Andy who had generously donated a free window Tint for any make/model of car through his dealership at Osborne Park Mazda. Out of 302 tickets he drew out Venessa Diamantis, his WIFE! I’m so glad we did the drawing in front of the whole room and even went Facebook live! Venessa chose the Free Gold membership for the entire year of 2022 as her prize worth $3360 when she came in for class this morning. Congratulations to Venessa for being our grand prize winner! I want to say Thankyou to everyone who purchased a ticket and to Robyn for hounding them all to do so, ha ha.

The raffle raised another $1506 towards the total. 




The main portion the night was our Secret envelope Auction. We had some fantastic prizes donated by so many members and supporters of our studio, Thankyou again to Robyn for organising the prizes and to everyone who chose to donate! We ended up with 11 prizes that were auctioned off by the amazing Ian Marshall. Probably my favourite part of the evening, Ian was engaging, hilarious and most importantly, effective in raising a great total. I may have made a wager that he wouldn’t raise over $2,000 and that was smashed, I’m not sure i’ve ever been happier to lose a bet. Perhaps the greatest moment was Pam, finally not being denied an envelope, for an auction topping $500 winning bid, only to walk away with my prize, a strawberry chupa chup!


Pam in white was such a good sport!

Thank you so much to everyone who engaged with Ian’s antics, bid up the prices and those that ultimately won some of the auctions. He was so entertaining I didn’t take one photo during the auction action!


Courtesy of Angela Marshall


Here are the people who generously donated prizes, without which, we wouldn’t of been so successful.

Original acrylic artwork – Rhianne Bender

Exhale Beauty Salon Voucher and Hamper – Marie Wells

Indoor Volleyball Joondalup for 12 people & drinks – Darrel and Vicki Fox

Richo’s 4 Hydro Worm Whizz – Julie Richardson

A1 Quality Laundry Mat Hamper – Sonya Visona

The Salon at Ocean Keys – Joy Smith

Peppermint Green Coffee Shop – The Team

Large Picnic Hamper – Danielle Todoroski

Chupa Chup – Michael Abbott

Talo & Oak Espresso Bar – Craig Vergara

Window Tint at Osborne Park Mazda – Any Diamantis



Drum roll please……

The grand total from our Auction on the night was a massive $3630 !!! 




Lastly, I want to thank all those people who helped make the night a success who I haven’t already mentioned above, there are always little acts of kindness and support that go into making these events great. Cat McFadyean and her two helpers who helped Gen, Karen and myself move the reformers. Darrel and Vicki who came over to help set up earlier in the day. John, Karen, Mel and the entire Marshall fam who stayed after to put the studio back in some form of useable state. Kristen and Robyn for marking all of the answers with my ridiculously small font answer sheets and the help from Rachelle, Karen and Aimee when we were falling behind. There are many others and I apologise if I missed anyone, please know we are very grateful to you all!






The money raised from last night has already been donated. With only 3 more monthly donations from the The Pilates Klinik for every session taken in October, November and December, we are going to need to raise roughly another $3,000 Australian dollars to reach our target. If you haven’t yet donated to the goal, please consider doing so and being apart of what we are doing together as a community.