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New Year. New You


Before you write some new years resolutions and plan how 2020 is going to be your best yet, let’s pause. Breathe. Step back.


Without being fully conscious of it, you’ve been conditioned to want things that may not add to the quality of your life. The fitness industry is worth over $30 Billion dollars and advertising for it is everywhere! Health and wellness as a whole is bigger again with millions being spent to gain a slice of the pie.

When writing goals for your own health and well-being it is crucial to meditate on YOUR WHY. The reasons behind your wants and desires.  This becomes easier if you’ve identified what your highest values are and what you want most from life but we don’t need to go there for this post. What i want to highlight is the trend to look a certain way, to fit into a mould that somehow makes you appear closer to this “ideal”. Social media has accelerated this and infiltrated every corner of our culture.

“The association that this physical ideal brings you closer to success, happiness and an ideal life is, in my opinion,  flat out wrong and even dangerous.”


I came across these wonderful illustrations by an artist in the 1950’s when pinup models were popular. Hilda was a woman dreamt up by Duane Bryers who drew his leading lady from 1957 to 1970 in over 160 images. Unlike some other pinup drawings, Hilda’s personality leaps from the pages and it’s so very wonderful!


Hilda was so many things we should admire and again, in my opinion, give us another viewpoint to consider when planning our fitness and health goals.


Hilda had varied interests including literature, music and art. Being “good” at any of them was not a deterrent to giving it a go and finding some joy.


Hilda was active, adventurous, outdoorsy and more than capable to tackle whatever needed to be done.


She didn’t feel a constant need to be a certain way or do things a certain way. In fact, Hilda was ok with short cuts and making do.


And although we do see her lamenting in the mirror that certain clothing didn’t fit her shape or size occasionally, showing that even Hilda had moments of insecurity, she was more than often quite happy to wear whatever she felt comfortable in no matter how much of her figure it showed!


I love how carefree and content Hilda was. Although quite often being physical, she was just as happy being still.


Fo me, Hilda represents what we really need to be happy. Hint –> It’s not a flat stomach, perfect lighting or endless exotic locations.


A willingness to see joy in all of life’s adventures.

A strong and capable body that you are not afraid to take out of the box and use.

A comfortableness and connection with who you are.


Please share this message with your own friends and family, we all need to be reminded that we are worthy and capable, no matter what number is written on the tag of our clothing.