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Meet Leigh

Leigh has been a member of the Pilates Klinik for 2 years now and as we’ve come to know her, we have been inspired by the physical and mental journey she has been on. Leigh has made such a positive transformation in her own life she has begun coaching and supporting other women to experience the same growth and benefits she has gained.


Hi everyone, my name is Leigh!


I just wanted to share the journey i’ve been on with my Pilates family in the hopes of giving one more woman the belief and confidence that anything is possible and no one should limit themselves.

I gained a whole lot of weight in my first pregnancy and to be honest, I felt the worst I have ever felt. I didn’t lose the extra weight after giving birth to Sam and 18 months later fell pregnant with Haydn. After Haydn, I just couldn’t shift the weight. I then trained myself to believe that this is just me and some woman are “lucky” that they just naturally become skinny again and slip right back into those jeans. Such bad self talk!

I was introduced to a community that completely inspired me. By making a few simple changes to my nutrition, I managed to lose 30 kgs and completely reshape. I inspired myself so much I ran 2 half marathons in the following year (I had never even run before). More than the weight, i’ve changed the relationship with my body, my food and myself. I just feel like me again only even better!

I have since gone on to have my third bub Bailey, she is 2.5 years old now and I have found a passion in supporting people in their journey. Sometimes we all just need that someone in our corner giving us hope when we feel like we just can’t and guidance when we don’t know how or where to start.

I believe everyone should feel confident in their OWN skin and after 6 years I can truly say I do.



We are partnering with Leigh to run one of her 30 day challenge group just for the women of our Pilates Klinik Community.

If you are a current member or private client you can join in our closed facebook support group that Leigh will be running in October for only $50!


This includes a one-on-one sit down coffee chat with Leigh to talk about your challenges, your goals anything else on your mind.

Personal coaching, advice and support from Leigh through the closed facebook group.

An informal welcoming chat on Saturday the 28th at the Pilates Klinik to explain all about the group and the challenge.


As Leigh said, sometimes we just need someone in our corner as a cheerleader and source of inspiration and motivation. We would love for you to take advantage of this and be part of this short 30 day challenge. Join the closed group for more details here!