Improve your Nutrition


Looking at our services recently, I wanted to see what else we could do to improve what we offer and how we serve you, our client!

Fuelling your body with a good macronutrient profile and being a healthy weight is the best compliment to a Pilates practice for feeling your best. Although we created a full nutritional program that Kristen ran with a few dozen members, it is very intense, requiring a lot of energy and focus to follow through. Not everyone wants to radically alter their eating habits, or needs to.


“The most common missing element, especially for women, is a severe lack in protein, sometimes times in conjunction with under eating.”


For this reason I spent a month researching companies to find True Protein. They are Australian made and owned by a Sydney family, have phenomenal reviews across the internet being well-renowned for great tasting, naturally derived products, made with a range of premium ingredients that contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives. I’ve selected a handful of their products to stock to help our members fuel their bodies better to compliment the Pilates sessions.



Protein is an essential macronutrient that offers many structural and functional characteristics crucial for maintaining optimal health. Protein is made up of amino acids that the body uses to create hormones, enzymes and build and repair cells, muscles and bones, among other things.



Being mildly low in protein can increase your appetite and lead to a higher calorie intake, can you say “snacking”?! Two of the biggest proven issues are weakness in your muscles and bones. It can also causes swelling, muscle soreness, mood swings, fatigue, slower healing, less healthy nails, skin and hair! Essentially the body just doesn’t have the building blocks, amino acids, it needs to grow, repair and stay robust.



Not everyone has the same protein requirements. It depends on many factors, including body weight, muscle mass, physical activity and age. Arguably, body weight is the most important determinant of protein requirements. As a result, recommendations are usually presented as grams for each kilogram of body weight. 0.8 grams per kg is a good baseline, this gets increase with physical activity level.



Many people find it difficult to eat enough of foods high in protein because they are so filling. Protein powders are a great way to increase your intake and get your metabolism fired up! You’ll find yourself fuller for longer, have more energy and just generally feeling better because your body will having the building blocks it needs to repair and strengthen.



I’ve selected the 3 main types of mixtures to meet most peoples needs.

  1. The WPI90 is a super high whey protein powder for increasing your daily requirements. It’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall nutrition with protein intake.
  2. The Pro Define is a complete protein blend including 3 ingredients proven to aid in weight loss and fat burning. Carnitine, Green tea extract and coconut water powder.
  3. The All-In-One Meal Replacement is a premium blend that meets your daily macronutrient and micronutrient requirements in a shake. Getting a full and balanced serving of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats for those who struggle with enough time to eat healthily.



Some people like to combine the powder with other ingredients to make a for filling meal, by adding milk, honey, frozen fruit etc.

The powders are flavoured with quality natural ingredients that 250ml of water is all you need. The Pro define has more lactose in it so does taste creamier than the WPI90 but having had numerous brands of protein powders over the years these taste great with just water!

The key is to build it into your daily life and be consistent. I like to fast in the morning and make my shake my first “meal”. This essentially means I don’t have to worry about food until after lunchtime.



I’ve purchased a handful of the most popular flavours for all 3 types as well as a sample box with 10 different flavours to try. There are also a few other products that were very popular as well, ZMA is a magnesium and zinc blend that reduces cramping and aids in sleep. The Hot chocolate is a sweet treat high in protein and collagen. I’ll speak on other complimentary options in another post…