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Sanity not vanity

This fabulous piece of writing comes from Point Studio and is EXACT what we believe, WHY you exercise is more important than WHAT you do.


We believe in sanity not vanity, in that mental vacay you get when you sweat it out. We’re after the stress relief, the re-energize, re-center, kick-some-ass vibes you gather when you get that ass to class.

Prove it. Get yourself that glow that only comes from, ‘damn, I can’t believe I did that’.

But you’re only human. So do everything in moderation, even moderation.

Keep it fun. What do morning spin, two dollar tacos, afternoon pilates and margaritas have in common? You. Don’t take it too seriously and it will fall into place.

But remember, you’re doing it for you. Less I-don’t-wanna and more because-I-gotta.

And when it gets tough, just get there. Showing up is half the battle. Hanging in there is the other half.

So, do it for you. Tell the world to wait, let your inbox to take five, tell your job to chill the f out. Because you’re about to take some time to get it done – for you.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make it happen. Even if you’re five minutes late, last row, sweating out last night’s tequila. You’re still there, and that’s what counts.


Because for us, it’s a mental thing. It’s not about then more reps or a six pack. It’s about showing up so you don’t lose your mind on a daily basis. So make the time. Take that sweat break. It will help you deal with that thing called life. Do it for the sanity, not vanity.


The original can be found HERE, thank you for sharing such powerful words!

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