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Client of the Quarter – Margaret Knox

At the Pilates Klinik we LOVE celebrating our clients and their progress. We see people everyday showing up for themselves. Taking the time to invest in their health. We understand every one has their own journey and we like to focus on “progress not perfection”.  We would like to give a special mention to our ‘Client of the Quarter’ Margaret Knox, for her consistency and determination in allowing Pilates to not only assist in transforming her physical capabilities, but her mental strength and out look as well. As one of our founding 50+ Pilates program members, Margs, as we call her, embodies why we created this program and why we love what we do so much! We had Brittney ask Margs a few questions about her 5 month journey with us thus far.


Britt – How did you first become interested in Pilates and get started with us?

Margs – I tried Pilates after a hip replacement and loved it. I had a good look at a few different studios and found the friendly, professional studio at the Klinik.  I loved the 2 x one on one introductory privates to learn the reformer and the genuine, caring, friendly staff.


Britt – What is your favourite aspect of The Pilates Klinik? What keeps you coming back?

Margs – I love the group dynamics, the joy at achieving just a little more every time. The wonderful team members and the giggles we share. I keep coming back because I am so much more confident in walking, driving and general well-being.


Britt – Were there any personal goals achieved through Pilates, that you didn’t think you could do before starting?

Margs – I have taken ‘I CANT’ out of my vocabulary- I can try to do everything and if I do – I CAN !!!


Britt – What would you say to someone considering starting Pilates?

Margs – If you are considering Pilates, my advice is come and try a one on one with one of the extraordinary instructors at the Klinik. You don’t know till you try!


Britt – What is our favourite exercise to do in classes and why?

Margs – The Arc, I can arch backwards and touch my head on the arc with my bottom on the seat. It took about 3 months from starting. (It was) something I said I can’t and now can every time and it feels fabulous.



Margs recently took a session where she didn’t need to skip or modify any exercises in the class. To progress so far that you are not only capable of performing all the challenging movements in terms of balance, strength, control, coordination and physical freedom BUT also have a mental attitude shift from “I can’t do that” to, “I bet i could if i try” is so powerful and meaningful.

A huge congratulations to Margs for her consistency and positive attitude, we love you!