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Price increase for 50+ program

Our 50+ program experiment that started back in March last year has proven to be a huge success and one of the favourite parts of what we do. What begun as 4 classes a week and a handful of new members has grown and grown into more than 25 weekly classes and dozens of members loving the structure and program Kristen created.


Our plan was to trial the program for 1 year before increasing the prices inline with our other memberships. With COVID19 essentially taking 2 months away, we have decided that the new pricing will go into effect in line with the new financial year, July 1st.


The monthly cost for a 50+ membership will be $180 for 8 sessions with extra classes  being $17.50 each. 



Current 50+ members will be able to continue their current super pricing for as long as they maintain their ongoing monthly payment!