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New Things!

We’ve had a few changes planned that I decided to roll out all together from July 1st. Hopefully this way I can make a big deal out of it all at once and reach everyone, while at the same time, avoiding constantly bombarding our community by implementing each little thing separately.

So what’s new?

Here is a list of all the updates and changes that will start July 1st…


  • Grip socks become mandatory

This was announced yesterday and is something we’ve wrestled with for a year now. Most studios already require socks in their studios and, as much as we recognise some people don’t like to workout in socks, It makes sense for two main reasons. Primarily hygiene, but to a lesser extent safety.

sample 1
sample 2


We already offer two different choices for sale in the studio, behind the scenes I’ve been working hard to bring our own branded socks to the community that are of high quality and affordable. Many studios charge $20 or more per pair but we will remain at $16 each with discounts for Silver and Gold members.


  • Gold membership

Previously our Gold membership was $300 for unlimited classes, however, very few clients found that option worked for their lives. Form July 1st our Gold membership will be for 16 classes a month, roughly 4 per week, for $280 per month. This makes our memberships roughly 2, 3 or 4 classes per week for Bronze/50+, Silver and Gold respectively. Current Gold members can choose to stay on the old option or transition to the new. If you are currently a Silver member you may consider upgrading, Gold members also receive a free Private session every 6 months and receive 20% off all retail!


  • Referral Program

We are really excited to launch a referral program that, as far as we’ve researched, is the most rewarding in the industry! Starting July 1st (sorry, no back dating) any new friend or family member you send to the Klinik who joins you as a member will reduce your month fee by $20 EVERY MONTH you are both members AND for EVERY referral you send that joins!

Obviously with such a large rewards system there are strict terms and conditions in place, you can learn about them all and the full program here… REFERRAL PROGRAM 

*As a part of this new system, the previous multi family discount for members who come with their partners or children will be removed and a referral reward will be applied for each additional member instead. 


  • Simplified Pricing

The goal with our pricing options has always been clear; I want to make it simple for people to navigate, provide options for the most common lifestyles and encourage people to select options that our experience has taught us leads to the best results through savings! With this in mind a few of our options have been removed, the 20 pack of reformer & 10 pack of 50+ as examples.

As a part of the changes to our pricing we’ve also removed the 2 weeks unlimited options from our “ways to get started” for new clients. Our experience has been that most people don’t get the attention and information that really sets the foundations for a great Pilates journey when they jump into classes without a solid practice formed elsewhere.

In the future we will replace this with occasional specials and offers so, keep an eye out for those when looking to utilise our referral program and encourage people you know to give it a go themselves!


  • We have a new assistant manager – Eve!


We’ve started using a new AI front desk system that integrates with our software and website. Meet Eve. This superstar can help you make bookings, answer questions, take feedback and even answer voicemails. While we “train” her up to work the way we’d like, please be patient with her and let us know if you notice anything odd or cool!


As always, you can reach us quickly by either calling Robyn on 0456 788 762 or emailing us I also have my own fancy email now for all massage bookings and if you would like to reach me directly.


  • Tower Classes

Our tower classes have been running for approximately 6 weeks, however they are still huge news at our studio!

The Tower classes open up a whole new area of Pilates for you, including some that are not as easily explored on the reformer. The Towers are great for those wanting to improve their balance in a safer way than the moving reformer carriage and so much nicer than traditional Mat Pilates with the raised, cushioned and leather covered box Mats.

If you are a 50+ member, you may not know that the Tower fundamentals is open for you to book.









  • Spring 50 Challenge !!!

A few people were a bit sad we chose not to run our Winter 50 challenge this year so I’ve decided to make it a Spring 50 this year now that the Tower program has launched! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a once every two year challenge we run where participants challenge themselves to attend 5o classes over 3 months. We make the extra classes super cheap and add in different bits of spice each time too.



Spots will be limited so be on the look out for the release of sign ups coming towards the end of Winter as well as more details!!!