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New Memberships!

We have been working hard to update and expand on our current membership options to offer our current and future clients more. Coming September first there will be lots of new options and benefits to being a member at our reformer pilates studio! We know some people don’t like change, even if its awesome, so existing members can choose one of the new options now or stay with their current membership as late as the end of the year!



  1. Our new structure will have 3 choices instead of just 2. This is designed to accommodate people who wish to come twice, three times or many times per week. The memberships will still run month to month, which means you can miss a week (sickness, work, busy) and make up the classes in the following weeks.
  2. Members will now be able suspend their memberships in fortnightly increments which means you don’t need to take a whole month off if you go on holidays. We’ve also removed the joining fee completely!
  3. Members will still receive our “life happens pass” which essentially means you can skip a reservation without reason and take a replacement class for free. We all live busy lives and sometimes no matter how committed or well intentioned you can be things come up. As a bonus, unlimited members have two of these pass each month.
  4. Silver and Gold members will now receive 20% off of creche instead of 10%.
  5. We are also adding 10% and 20% off of remedial massage sessions with Michael for Silver and Gold members respectively.
  6. Silver and Gold members will be given a “bring a friend pass” each quarter to bring anyone they like with them to any class they attend.
  7. Gold members will also receive a free private session every 6 months of their membership, other members can still take additional private sessions for only $60 whenever they need a little extra attention.
  8. Clients can now pay via credit card with a 2% surcharge for their membership dues.
  9. Any current member who refers a someone to join them at the Klinik will receive $25 off their next months cycle.
  10. Clients can pay upfront for a year and get 2 bonus months for FREE.


Our memberships will still have no lock in contracts or minimum commitment. We know that when people stay consistent and regular with their Pilates practise they feel and see a noticeable difference, because of this we don’t need to trap people with our memberships like some gyms do. All of our memberships can be cancelled with only two weeks written notice via our cancelation form. Our Multi family member discount is still be effective, giving each additional household member $25 off per cycle which is the same discount we offer to full time students and members under 21 years old age.


A membership is a great way to commit to your own health and wellbeing, we may be bias but there is no better place to become a member than our Reformer Pilates studio! Your body will thank you everyday for it! Full details will be updated on our website soon and posted in the studio later this week so check out our community notice board in the studio or back here for the link.








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