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The end of the year is fast approaching

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It’s been a few months since I’ve done an Angel house update, The fund-raising goal we set ourselves and our community at the start off the year.

If you’ve joined us sometime in the past 6 months and wondered what all those huge framed posters were outside the group reformer room, read this!


Thank you to all those members who have regularly added to our bins in the back hallway! As of the end of September, we have raised over $1000 in recycling.

Directly from our members donating on the fundraising page or, the clear money box that has been floating around the studio, we’ve collected another $700.

Through our pledge to donate $1 from ever session taken, we have donated over $15,000. All these amounts are in Australia Dollars which being an America charity is displayed on our fund-raising page in USD.


As amazing as this is, with under 3 months to go, we are 58% of the way towards our goal. We are looking forward to hopefully selling all 350 of our raffle tickets and pack out our music trivia night in 2 weeks as well, which would be roughly a $2000 boost. Currently we have sold 150 raffle tickets and just over half of the seats for the trivia night. If you haven’t already purchased your raffle tickets to win and pick either a $2500 Bunnings voucher or a 12 month free Gold membership, you can purchase this directly from The Pilates Klinik App! The odds of actually winning are pretty good compared to most raffles!!!


You can buy tickets to the trivia night through the same section as well (both under fundraising). Even if trivia and or music is not your thing, it’ll be a fun night to gather and have some laughs outside of your leggings! Bring your family and friends and make your own table or just join in with some other members.



Angel house was careful chosen for the way they operate, all the administration fees and ongoing support are fully supported by other donations (including meals for life!), which means that 100% of our money goes directly towards the process of building a home, a well and the supplies. Afterwards, the home will always be maintained and available for these children until they are ready to move into the world as adults when the process can start over.


Like most things in life, we all leave them until the last minute! Well, this is it. The 4th quarter. If you were thinking about donating and are able, $20, $50, $100, whatever you can. It will all go towards a truly amazing cause that you will be apart of and one that we can’t achieve with you. You’ll be apart of giving 12 little orphaned children an identity, a future, a family, a home and telling them through your giving, you matter and I care.


Join Us


Thank you,

– Michael