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Meet Jade

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Jade has joined The Pilates Klinik Team as our new Client Relationship Manager, we wanted to introduce her to all of our clients, so you know who the new voice is on the end of the phone. Jade will be working with me on serving our members, as well as answering all inquiries and questions that come through to us. Let’s Quiz her shall we!


Michael – Jade! Go ahead and introduce yourself to our community!
Jade – Hey everyone, I’m beyond excited to be starting 2020 with The Pilates Klinik to connect with you all and help in any way that I can. 


Michael – What is your experience with Pilates?

Jade – I was first introduced to Clinical Pilates about 10 years ago now, I had a Chronic Neck Injury which was making my day to day life really tough, I had tried various things and nothing was really helping, my physio then introduced me to Clinical Pilates and I fell in love, my pain reduced, my strength increased and I found an exercise that not only worked but made me want to go back for more!


Michael – Who lives under your roof?

Jade – I am a single Mummy to a gorgeous 18-month-old girl Ellis and I have an English Cocker Spaniel, Dougal, he is actually more work than Ellis… ha!


Michael – What was the last book you read?

Jade – I am a huge huge fan of Gabby Bernstein, I am currently reading her new book ‘Super Attractor’. Her book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ it’s my favourite and a game changer for me.


 Michael – What is your greatest fear?

Jade – Bananas… Yep, the fruit. Ha-ha, they make me squirm.


Michael – What is a Perfect day for you?

Jade – Starting off with a walk along the beautiful Coastline, Eggs Benedict at my favourite café, a play at the beach with Ellis and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Such a mum thing to say but it’s the truth.


Michael –Have you always been into Health and Fitness?

Jade – I think it was my injury that started me with my absolute passion for all thing’s health and wellness, I am just starting to dedicate more time to get my fitness back on track now that Ellis doesn’t require so much of my time which feels amazing. So, if you see someone on the Pilates reformer looking abit worse for wear, that’s just me getting my groove back!


Michael – What’s the Best thing that’s happened to you in the past week?

Jade – Seeing Ellis’ face light up on Christmas Day when she saw her new Cubby House, the pure joy on her face was priceless.


Michael – Do you have a favourite Holiday? 

Jade – 30 year old Jade, on Contiki around Thailand. The most carefree time of my life for sure!


Michael – What do you hope to bring to the Role?

Jade – I have a huge passion for helping people, I want to be able to serve you guys at the highest level, so if I can help Michael and Kristen connect to the Klinik community better than I would absolutely love to be able to do that. I am here to help you guys as best as I can in whatever capacity you need, so please reach out, say Hi and i hope to meet you all in the Studio in the coming months.



If you need to contact the studio for anything, please don’t hesitate! Below are our contact details…