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A quick chat with super client, Jo.

I had to share the story of Jo, one of our unlimited gold members who has completely transformed this past year into a badass athletic chica!


M : You made some huge changes to your health and wellbeing in 2018, what was the catalyst?

J : It was a cumulation of a few things happening, I hadn’t been happy with how I felt or looked for quite a while, I had no energy or motivation etc and I knew I needed to do something, I had recently became a Nanny and I wanted to be a fit, healthy Nanny. I had also recently been diagnosed with osteopenia in my lumbar spine and I wanted to do something to help that. I guess I realised that hitting my mid-forties I needed to start focussing more on myself and my health.


M : Many people give up before they see some benefit and it becomes easier to continue, how long would you say it took until it became easier to stay on the path?

J : The first 4 weeks were definitely the hardest, though I had read a post somewhere, probably on your Facebook page, that in 10 classes you would feel the difference, in 20 classes you would see the difference and in 30 classes you would have a whole new body. I was holding out to the 30 classes! Though I certainly found this statement to be true and the more classes I attended, the more I found I was benefiting. I started to feel so much better in both my mind and body, inches started to come off me, I had a lot more energy, I slept better and I started to really look forward to my classes at this point, I think it was about this time I moved to a gold membership so I could attend more classes.


M : How did you come to Pilates and The Pilates Klinik

J : I had done the odd mat Pilates classes over the last few years at different gyms, during my previously very intermittent gym memberships, but nothing regular! My friend had booked a trial reformer class at another studio and I decided to go along too. I wasn’t really impressed with the other studio, but I really enjoyed Pilates on the Reformer. The next day I googled and luckily found The Pilates Klinik, I called and spoke to Michael and booked in for a few days later. Best decision ever. For me, I love the way Pilates works you really hard, but in a gentle way. I have always hated all the crazy jumping, shouting and weights etc, which I had previously experienced in gym classes.


M : You chose to dive right in and set a huge target of 250 classes in one year, what made you decide to make Pilates a large part of your health and wellbeing changes? (258 to be exact!)

J : My 250 classes goal came about half way through the year, I think at this point I had attended just over 100 classes and I was seeing such a huge benefit from my Pilates and I wanted to set a goal that would really challenge me further, whilst also making me accountable at the same time. I told everyone of my goal once I set it, so I had to reach it!

M : Some people say they only have time for 1 class a week, how did you manage to change your patterns and habits to go so frequently?

J : I basically made ME important, I love The Pilates Klinik app, so I would book all my classes ahead and put them in both my personal and work calendar, once my class was booked in my diary, I was attending. I attend classes at all different times to work around my schedule, sometimes the 6am classes before work, or the 7pm late classes after work. Pilates is my ME time and I try to go every day, sometimes twice a day if time allows!


M : The deeper benefits of Pilates, beyond the physical changes can be hard to describe, how has Pilates made your life better?

J : It has made me a much happier person, I feel great, I am so much more flexible, my back no longer constantly aches, I am a lot less stressed than I ever used to be, I have so much more energy, I sleep better, everything is better. Pilates is amazing for both your mind and body, everyone needs to do it! I love getting to class, lying on the reformer and hearing let’s start lying on our backs with 3 red springs, I’m like aaaaaaahhhh it’s ME time!


M : Now that you’ve achieved your goal of 250 classes in one year, which is amazing, what’s next for you?

J : My next goal is to graduate my Pilates teacher training with Kristen, whilst getting to 500 classes by the end of this year! If someone a year ago would have told me I would have completed this many classes and was now studying my Pilates teacher training I would have thought them mad, now I can’t wait to learn more! So much can happen in a year!

M : Congratulations on making an outstanding positive change to your health in such a short period, you are a joy and an inspiration to have as a member and we are so proud of you! Is there anything else you’d like to say to our clients and followers?

J : Aww Thank you! I would say to just start and to make yourself important, book the classes and attend. I remember my first class at The Pilates Klinik, I thought everyone was a gymnast and amazing and how was I going to do it, but Elena, my first class teacher put my mind at ease. Pilates is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if the person next to you has been doing Pilates for 10+ years, you just need to concentrate on doing you and each class gets that bit better.  What I love most about Pilates is it isn’t a competition, it is just about improving you! The teachers and the community is so great at The Pilates Klinik, everyone is so friendly, encouraging and welcoming and I am so glad I found the studio!