Katarina’s journey

I asked member, Katarina, about her Pilates experience so far because I think many people will hear a lot of themselves in her story. Hopefully her journey is an inspiration to you!


Q–> Why did you first start Pilates?

I was a member of another gym (not Pilates) for years. It got to the point where I stagnated and wasn’t moving forward.

I developed a persistent lower back ache, which lasted four months and wasn’t getting better with exercise, massage or chiro sessions. I knew I had to try something else and that’s when an ad popped up on my FB page. I booked and the rest is history 🙂


Q–> What were you hoping to get from it?

Strengthen, stretching and conditioning for my body. Stop the pain. Build my core, which was pretty much non-existent. Ha ha ha


Q–> How long until you noticed some benefit from your sessions?

I felt amazing after my first session. Even better after the second! I think I had around five private sessions before I joined the group classes. I’m still getting better every day.


Q–> How much better do you feel physically?

I’ve been doing Pilates for three months now. The difference is incredible. I’m more flexible, more supple, I can actually feel my core getting stronger. Interestingly, I’ve developed some aches I didn’t have before but they’re always temporary – I think it’s because I’m building muscles I didn’t even know I had!


Q–> Did anything about your benefits surprise you at all?

Probably how quickly itI began to feel better. I love the reformer machine- I can literally feel it working every part of my body. It’s incredibly versatile.


Q–> What do you enjoy about the classes?

Sometimes I walk in feeling broken. My job is mainly sedentary, which isn’t the best thing for ones body. But I walk out feeling a million times better and happier. The Pilates Klinik really is my happy place 🙂


Q–> What do you like about the studio?

Everything! The look, the feel, the atmosphere and the way it makes me feel.

I absolutely love, love, love Michael’s and Emma’s classes.  Both of them explain everything in so much detail. Like – where in your body you should feel each movement and how to do it correctly. It makes so much difference doing the movement correctly.

But all instructors here are very good – you feel the commitment and passion.

I’m completely hooked.


Q–> Have you enjoyed exercising in the past?

No way.



Q–> Do you enjoy the Pilates though?




Q–> Do you have any goals with your Pilates practice?

Yes. I’d like to strengthen my core further, build my muscles and get more flexible.

I honestly can’t imagine ever stopping Pilates. I love it so much, I’d probably like to do the course with Kristen one day.



Q–> What would you say to people reading this that might not of tried Reformer Pilates?

Make the first step. Go and book private session. It’ll seriously change your body for the better. And if you don’t like exercise (like me!), just think- you’ll be mostly laying down and after an hour, you’ll feel fantastic:)



Thankyou Katarina! You’re awesome and I loved hearing how positive your experience has been at the Klinik and with Pilates.


– Michael