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Your story

Dear Members,


During the shutdown, we felt our group of members draw closer together through our facebook group in a way that made us realise just how important community and relationships are to our wellbeing. The average number of friends and close relationships in our lives has declined rapidly over the recent decades leaving us quite isolated.

We have all recognised a need to find a way to maintain a healthy body and balanced wellbeing by seeking out The Pilates Klinik and Reformer Pilates. The stories we keep hearing of how impactful The Pilates Method, and our community, have been in peoples lives is astounding!



I want to combine these two elements by sharing YOUR story. You have no idea how powerful it can be to someone else who might be dealing with some of the same struggles, who might have some of the same reservations or fears, to hear how someone else moved past those barriers and found a breakthrough that made a difference. Also, while inspiring others, we will get to know more about each other and connect more deeply which is something we really value.




It’s simple. Record yourself sharing your story.

  1. Say why you decided to try Reformer Pilates at The Pilates Klinik.
  2. Share why you might have been hesitant at first.
  3. Talk about your journey thus far with Pilates.
  4. Share what you love about the Pilates Klinik.
  5. Describe how you feel Pilates has improved your life.


Tips to make it even better. 

  1. Shoot in portrait full length mode.
  2. Use natural/bright lighting.
  3. Take your time, plan what you want to say.
  4. Keep it concise but speak from the heart.
  5. Be descriptive, specific and make it personal.


Share it.

  1. You can share the video online via dropbox or google drive to
  2. If you have have an iPhone you can airdrop to the studio computer next visit.
  3. You could also send via WhatsApp directly to me at 0408282540.




Thank you! 

As a thank you to those who takes the time to plan, record and send a testimonial, we will draw out ONE lucky person’s name from a hat to receive $500 towards their membership in the new year, and, choose ONE person who exemplifies who we are and what we do to receive another $500 towards their membership as well!


We can’t wait to hear your story and watch it inspire others,


–  Michael