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Online Pilates Classes




With the world in lockdown it seems everyone has started sharing their workouts and tips online. There are so many sources for workouts and so many ways they are being delivered, it’s a bit overwhelming.


Although so much great content can be found for free, not everyone has the personal knowledge to implement it themselves or is in a good enough physical condition to avoid doing more harm than good. Others are not easily self motivated to workout either.


Here is what we have been doing…


We started providing classes to our current members to ensure they could continue to improve, move and stay healthy during this season by recording daily classes for every client type and offering the private links to them.

With nearly 20 years teaching Pilates, Kristen is leading the majority of the classes and structuring our classes into different ability levels and focuses so that EVERYONE has classes suited to their needs and limitations. 

We are delivering 2 new classes a day with a growing library of over 80 classes already available. Each class is available via private youtube link to be watched whenever it is convenient for you. The classes are organised by length, type and focus making it super easy to select classes and save your favourites.

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Although there is a lot of places you can get workout ideas for free, with most things, and even more with Pilates, Quality is king! Well designed classes with appropriate movements and optional modifications taught by seasoned instructors is well worth the $11 a week cost. 

Anyone can say anything on the internet, so, I felt it was easier to simply copy and paste some recent comments from the Facebook group community of people who have already been enjoying everything for 4 weeks now.

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We have decided to open the group up to friends and family of our current clients and followers of our facebook page for only $11 per week. Chances are, that is you!

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Not only would you be gaining access to a large library of  Pilates based classes but, almost more importantly, a community of people who are welcoming, encouraging, supportive and motivating for each other. This is an excellent opportunity to experience how amazing Pilates is for your body but also a way to be connected during this time of isolation. We interact with each other often and become a source of positivity for each other. Kristen and I are active in the group all the time answering questions and being involved in the conversations.

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If you would like to join…


You can simply call us on 93010718 and Jade can set you up over the phone



You can do it all yourself by following these steps

  1. Download our app from the app store “The Pilates Klinik”
  2. Create an account and purchase under settings>buy>online>online FB group access
  3. Request to join the FB group here


We would love to help you stay active and healthy too!


Much love,

Michael & Kristen