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The Winter 50




It’s simple.

50 Classes, over 3 months.

That’s 4 a week through Winter.

You can do that!


If you are like me and sometimes find the colder months of winter harder to stay motivated, keep up the good habits you’ve made and not slide backwards, then this is for you…

Over the years we’ve seen members make phenomenal progress by participating in this challenge.

Many were apprehensive, unsure they could do all the classes.

You know what?

Even if they didn’t manage all 50, the focus of the challenge saw them do far better through Winter than they would have and feeling much better for it.

We know this challenge works because many people move up to coming more regularly even after it’s over! 

Depending on your membership the cost to join is only $7.50 per extra class. 

50+ and bronze members – $195

Silver members – $105

Here are some common Q’s & A’s to help you decide if this is something you want to join in. 

I’m going away for x days, how would I manage my classes?

A great aspect of  the challenge is being able to do your classes WHENEVER you want. You could go away for 4 weeks in the middle and do them before and after. You could do your regular classes and add in a weekend double (back-to back classes). You could add in a few feel good reformer classes to focus on your mobility more and help with stress. Whenever, however it works for you!

What if i don’t complete the challenge?

Don’t allow an all or nothing mentality or fear to stop you from a good thing. Simply “giving it your best” is going to yield a far greater result than if you didn’t even try!

I remember one member frustrated she didn’t quite make all 50 and yet, previously she wasn’t always using her regular 8 in a month. Progress and motivation is the real goal. 

I’m a 50+ member, what classes can I do?

All of them! The added benefit for you is that these additional sessions can be used for any classes you want to try. 

What about the life happens passes?

All members will still receive 1 a month but all 3 can be used anywhere during the 3 months of the challenge. 

And lastly, the Workshops…

There are dozens of key areas that we know from scientific research radically effects our health either positively or negatively. 

It’s too overwhelming to try and focus on them all and it can be hard to know where to start…

I’ve been spending the past 4 months building a new Health coaching service that will help people improve their overall wellbeing by identifying the areas that would be best targeted FIRST.. 

Put simply, figuring out what small changes to make for the maximum benefit. 

For the Winter50 participants I will essentially be going through the whole coaching collectively for free in the form of 3 workshops.  I will make a short video describing the overview of the material in the coming days and be posting it in our Facebook members group for those wanting to know more. 

Make this Winter the one you grow the most through, launching into Spring the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been!

Be Quick.

This challenge has sold out every year!

We only allow 50 members to participate so we don’t overwhelm classes.

At the time of posting this we have 14/50 spots remaining with 2 weeks to go until the June 1st start.

To join in, go the the buy section of our app and choose “Group Reformer > Winter50”

If you have any questions please call Robyn or drop by the front desk while spots remain! 

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