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Below are some changes to our memberships, schedule and cancellation policy effective September 1st… 



* We feel we offer the best value for money with the current membership pricing and benefits. We didn’t want to increase our prices or alter the way we structured them. Instead of a price increase for our memberships, we are reducing some of the lesser benefits. Memberships will no longer include creche or massage discounts and $60 members privates will be offered to silver and gold levels. All other benefits will be the same.




*Our mid week stretch therapy classes will become feel good reformers at 5pm. Members really enjoy the restorative style of these classes and we know many will like having more options to balance out life/work with these classes! Saturday’s class will continue as regular but will become a 90 minute class starting at 7am. Instead of more Stretch Therapy classes Michael will offer 3 hr workshops roughly every other month focusing on different aspects of the program like manual release techniques, end range strength exercises, spinal releases, breath work and more for those who enjoy learning more about the world of effective flexibility and mobility.

*The 7am classes on Tuesday and Thursday will stop as well as the Saturday 6am class now that the Winter 50 is finishing.

*Kristen and Michael will be reducing a few of our class teaching hours to find better life/home balance as well create more time to work on improving the overall studio services and experience for all.  We have some big plans for 2020 and hope you are excited to see what we bring to you next!




*Members will not longer be able to switch to a different class on the same day. Instead, the class cancellation window will shorten to only 12 hours for a trial period. Our hope is this makes it easier for clients with changing schedules to utilise their sessions while reducing open reformers during the busy class times. We welcome your input and feedback on this trial as we ultimately want a system that serves our membership base best! Creche bookings will be able to be cancelled with only 3 hours notice during this trial also to avoid sick children needing to be brought into the studio.

As always we thank you for respecting the other members by doing your best to avoid late cancelled sessions and putting yourself first in your busy schedules.




The first of our new retail has arrived and we have 2 more shipments coming soon. We will aim to keep the cost low of our own branded clothing so you are able to support us and promote Pilates by proudly wearing them out and about in the community.



Thank you for your understanding and continued involvement in our Studio community! We love helping you reform your body, restore your vitality and realise your potential through the magic of Pilates, so thank you, for letting us!