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The new Schedule with Tower/Mat classes!

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Here is it…

The new schedule, ready and LiVE now on our App!


Creating a new schedule is one of the hardest things to do, so many components and elements to consider. I realise this won’t be ideal for absolutely everyone, however, I think it is balanced with multiple opportunities for everyone no matter your circumstances.


Here are 7 changes to take note of…

  1. The early morning classes have moved from 6am to 7am like we did last winter.
  2. We’ve started with only morning Tower classes since those are our most popular times, however, we hope to add in evening classes as soon as possible.
  3. The 6pm 50+ classes on Tuesday and Thursday are now called Reformer Fundamentals. The men and women in those classes have become quite strong and the title is more fitting to the level being taught now.
  4. The Tower Fundamentals classes are for our 50+ members and our more beginner members as in the beginning everyone is going to be inexperienced on this equipment and there is no need to separate our clients further. Remember, everything can be modified and adjusted to your ability and limitations.
  5. We have a new teacher joining us who some of you may know as a past long term member, Hayley is joining and we are excited to bring her experience and knowledge to you all!
  6. The Tower Mat classes only have a maximum of 7 clients which means you will get more individual attention. Great for those who feel they need more hands and eye on help in their practice.
  7. The Group Apparatus classes have been removed in favour of the new program. If you would like to “play” on the other apparatus you can always take advantage of the $60 members only private price!


See you on the Reformer, or Mat, soon!