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The school yard Bully

If you are not in the know, The Government has decided to remove Pilates from Private health rebates effective April 1st.

Back when I was relatively new as a remedial massage therapist, The Australia Physiotherapy Association tried to have a bill pass that stated only a physiotherapist can perform “manual therapy”. This would have made all other professions that study and specialise to become knowledgeable and skilled in their area, like Alexander technique, Rolfing, Hellerwork, Tragerwork, Feldenkrais method, trigger point therapy, Gua Sha, Craniosacral therapy and remedial massage therapy to name a few off the top of my head… in breech!

Luckily this wasn’t passed, however, it seems they have directed their attention towards another smaller victim to bully. Below is the letter from the Australian Pilates Method Association sent out at the end of last year regarding the situation.


As I said in the post back in April last year, Clinical Pilates & Physiotherapist , the profession can be aggressively competitive and so is their association. So, why should you care?

Well for one, your private health company and government is dictating where you choose to seek professional health help in a financial way.

The Physiotherapy Association is aiming to squeeze out independently specialised professionals which has the potential of emulating the loss of independently owned small business as big box supermarkets and retailers took over.

For myself, I’d prefer my health fund and government trusted my independent judgement to do my own due diligence when choosing where I want to go for preventative health and natural therapies!

If you feel like being heard on this matter, HERE is a link to some information, downloadable pro forma letters and where to send them.