You are currently viewing Most common thing i hear women say to my wife… “Why do you smell so good all the time?!”

Most common thing i hear women say to my wife… “Why do you smell so good all the time?!”

Yep, since 2006 this has been the number one thing i hear other women say to Kristen! Its closely followed by “you make that look so easy” pretty much anytime she demonstrates a Pilates exercise but that’s for another post.

Let’s get some terminology out of the way before i explain when this all began…

You see the word “fragrance” all over the place. It’s on the back of products you use around your house and on your body. Primarily, you probably associate it with perfume or cologne you bring out on special occasions or date night. The definition of fragrance is actually “a sweet or pleasing scent.” In short, fragrance is simply how something smells.

There are two types of fragrance, natural and synthetic. Natural fragrances are made of essential oils and raw materials derived from botanical ingredients harvested from the earth. Synthetic fragrances are the perfumes and colognes you commonly associate with the word fragrance. These are made with synthetic chemicals, fillers and potential hormone disruptors as well as parabens, phthalates, synthetic musks and more.

Some background of Kristen…

Kristen has always tried to avoid chemicals, toxins and pollutants even before it was trendy and mainstream. Kristen’s doesn’t have a million pairs of shoes, a closet full of designer handbags or a lot of jewellery, she just doesn’t care much for material stuff. Kristen has always preferred to spend more money on face, skin and body products to get all natural, organic or higher quality ingredients.

In 2006, while we were living in Indiana, we were walking past a gift shop one day and she stopped in her tracks and said “oohhh, what’s that smell?!”. We went inside and asked the owner who pointed to a display of products called Ambre Blends. Handmade fragrances, 100% pure, all natural vegan ingredients… Kristen was sold. At that point i’d never known Kristen to wear any perfume because it gave her a headache so i was glad she had found something she liked. This was the early days of the company which began in Indiana but now covers the entire country.

A signature scent…

Unlike the perfume counter at Myer that you need to walk around to avoid your eyes watering, essential oil fragrances are not like synthetic perfumes, they are subtle and delicate. Perfumes are strong, usually too strong, for an hour or so and then dissipate, Ambre Blends work differently and continue to be noticeable until washed off. From the beginning of the company, what women loved about these oils is that it became a signature scent for them due to the long lasting nature. As you increase your body heat throughout the day with movement or exercise, the scent becomes stronger.

The fragrance becomes your signature scent in two ways. Firstly, it gets into everything, in a good way, your car, your home, your clothes! Secondly, the oils interact with your chemistry and this alters the scent slightly making it different on different people. The scent truly becomes YOUR signature scent.


Top 5 funny moments…


Over the years, we’ve had some funny stories surrounding “Kristen’s smell” that show just how pleasant the scents are to some and how recognisable as her own they became.

One of our old studios was on the 2nd level of a building, one morning a client says to Kristen, “You know, i can always tell if you are already here or not… As i walk up the stairs i can smell you hahahaha”

We were visiting a friend with Mia who was only one at the time, she took a big whiff of Mia sitting on her lap and said “Gosh! She smells like you! I love it! What is that?! hahahaha”

Kristen and I were sitting on a bus that transferred people from a parking lot to a Arts fair a few blocks away. This lady sitting a few seats in front of us gets up and, after wandering towards where we were sitting, eventually locks eyes with Kristen, smiles, and says “Excuse me, is it you i can smell?” Kristen giggled and said “Yes! Its called Ambre Blends” to which the lady says “hahahaha, where can i buy it?!”

Many many times we’ve had Pilates clients visit our home and say the same thing “This smells like the studio!” to which we normally say, “Nope, they both smell like Kristen!”

Kristen was running the final leg of a triathlon, yep, after swimming in a lake and biking for 90 kilometres!
A lady was keeping a similar pace just behind Kristen, she pulled up along side her and said loudly “How do you smell so good?! hahaha”. Kristen likes to add in to this story that she hadn’t put any on that morning either!



A renewed obsession…

Recently, Ambre Blends released a 5th scent after many years of the 4, Ambre, Invoke, Solace and Unmasque. Kristen is always mixing and matching the fragrances to avoid scent immunity but to say she was excited to try a 5th is a massive understatement! She tore into that box like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. The verdict? It’s her absolute favourite scent. If you have ever wondered why our Pilates studio smells so good, you need to try Ambre Blends yourself!


We have “try me” rollers of all 5 scents in our studio which, to date, is still the only retailer in Australia of Ambre Blends. Unlike perfume, you don’t put it on your wrists because it will wash off when you clean your hands. The most common place is the upper forearm and back of your neck. To bring out the scent you rub your forearms together vigorously to generate heat. Most people will notice the subtle scent throughout the day more than when they first apply since it needs to interact with your body chemistry and heat to activate.

If you’ve used Ambre Blends yourself and have any funny stories yourself of women chasing you down the street let us know in the comment section below!


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