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The Pilates Klinik is entering its 5th year of business and has growth significantly in the past 12 months. With a fantastic reputation and community of clients built around high standards of customer service and Pilates instruction, we are looking for someone to join our Pilates family, someone eager to learn, grow and find a job they can turn into a career in the coming years working along side Kristen and myself.


Is this you?


You are a happy, positive, energetic person who loves Pilates and People! 

Previous employers would describe you as self reliant, detail orientated and highly reliable.

You want to be apart of a team that loves what they do and feels blessed being able to make a real difference in the lives of others. 

Does being able to work independently and with flexibility suit your current life, would you be able to “man the virtual desk” throughout your week and communicate with me on everything behind the scenes regularly? 

You are able and willing to have a business phone with you during most reasonable hours everyday of the week and have no trouble navigating different mobile apps to liaison between new clients, existing members and other staff. Having notifications switched on and beeping doesn’t bother you if it means the freedom to not be stuck inside at a desk for work! 

You have excellent communication skills, would describe yourself as friendly, personable yet professional and have a high level of organisational skill, you love to-do lists and very little slips through the cracks with you.

Would you like to work and mentor along side someone with over 15 years experience running and growing successful fitness businesses so that you too can become knowledgeable in every aspect of running a small business?


Key Responsibilities and Roles?


*Answer ongoing communication from new and existing clients via website, email, facebook, phone calls, texts and in person during a few reception shifts. 

*Complete simple client account inquiries, cancellations, suspensions, bookings and payments using our Mindbody software. 

*Sell Pilates and The Pilates Klinik in a genuine yet passionate way that is successful by following new enquiries through the sales process from first contact, to follow ups, booking, to first visit follow up, rebooking and sales. 

*Contact existing members to stay engaged and connected on behalf of the studio on an ongoing basis. 

*Make contact logs for all interactions through our software and communicate with Michael daily. 


So what would this position look like?


2 reception shifts a week at the Pilates Klinik on a Wednesday and Saturday morning, 9am – 12pm would be ideal. During this time you will run reports to keep up to date on our members, our new clients and make phone calls. If you are the perfect candidate but this is a challenge we can be flexible so please still apply. 

Be able to answer all forms of communication through the business phone between 8am – 8pm throughout the week. On average we receive a handful of telephone calls and a dozen other forms of communication via email, facebook and our website. Roughly an hour a day of interaction. 

You would be responsible for tracking, recording, following through and generally staying on top of all studio communication and the sales process of new inquires. 

You would be expected to answer the majority of phone calls and reply to most forms of communication wherever possible within 1 hour. For complicated requests or those requiring computer access, by end of day is acceptable. 


Future Potenial? 


We are not looking for someone who just needs a job, we hope to find someone who suits this position now and in the future. Our hope is to grow this position in hours, compensation and responsibilities as the studio continues to grow in the coming years. Someone with an interest in Social media management and/or blog writing would be a bonus but more importantly,

If you are interested in this position please email your resume, a cover letter telling me about yourself, why you think this would be a good job for you and any questions you may have to   by December 15th.