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No excuses with Rebecca

Meet Rebecca, don’t tell her but she one of my favourite clients. Why?

Almost everyone has past injuries and physical limitations that make life a little, or a lot, harder than it could be. Most of these are reversible IF you are willing to put in the time and effort… Many act as if these issues are permanent and cling to that as an excuse not to work on them, or even try… Harsh I know, but true.

Some are less fortunate and have things that can never be completely reversed or eliminated. Like the young Rebecca’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. On bad days this is as far as her right elbow will straighten, from the side her plank is stunning which is a testament to her attitude.

Rebecca rests when she needs to, modifies where she needs to but ALWAYS shows up, focuses and works hard. She doesn’t complain, doesn’t make excuses and doesn’t get frustrated at me for trying to correct her form in ways not possible for her… on that day.
Why is she a favourite of mine? Mindset

You’re a badass Rebecca ??