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Clinical & Reformer Pilates Classes in Perth

Welcome to The Pilates Klinik, a fully equipped northern Perth Pilates studio with a difference. Our clinic aims to deliver positive, lifelong change to every individual, from young men and women to new mothers and older clients.

We are one of the only Pilates Studios to offer reformer Pilates training and certification classes in Perth, with all the apparatus Joe Pilates created. We also offer a supervised onsite crèche where children from 8 weeks to 6 years old can have fun while you attend your reformer class.

Reform your body. Restore your vitality. Realise your potential.

Pilates is a fitness form that is ideal for individuals from all walks of life. Combining mental awareness and physical exercise, Pilates can improve mobility, posture and overall musculoskeletal function. It can assist with injury rehabilitation and help to strengthen and tone your body.

Who can benefit from Pilates?

✓ Men and women
✓ Elite athletes
✓ Individuals with muscle imbalances
✓ Elderly people
✓ Anyone who wants to get the most out of their next workout!


We strive to bring about positive, lifelong change to each individual’s quality of life by providing Perth's leading Pilates experience; offering skilled, certified and experienced instructors in a beautiful, fully equipped, upscale and peaceful environment.

Affordable Membership and Pricing

With great offers for new clients and rebates available for some services, a Pilates session has never been more affordable. You can buy sessions and classes in packs of 10 or more or you can purchase our memberships, the smart way to get the best value.

Latest from the Blog

We love our customers

I absolutely love The Pilates Klinik. All of the teachers are great, and each class is so different- you can get a crazy workout, a technical class focused on joints, a strength class or a chilled out, relaxing class. It's a lovely place that is so welcoming and is really the only form of 'exercise' I love going to do. The equipment is great, and the studio is physically beautiful. I love progressing and seeing how I improve, and can't wait to keep going.

Rebecca Keating

Michael and Kristen know so much about the human body and how to work with the body. I came to them knowing their reputation for excellence. The Pilates Klinik is beautiful and inviting. They are far more than just a Pilates studio. I have added Pilates to my weight training and could not be more pleased with the decision.

Hazel Walker

Absolutely love this place! Kristen & Michael are awesome instructors with a genuine passion for helping you to achieve your goals. The place is amazing & the creche is perfect for the little ones. This is definitely my happy place!!

Jacqui Murphy

I have been staying at a friends in Perth for the last 3 weeks (I live in Tasmania) and really wanted to find a good Pilates studio, with reformers, so I could keep up with the classes I would be missing at home.
The Pilates Klinik was more than just good, it was amazing! Everything, from the atmosphere, the equipment, the instructors to how you always get individual attention, even in a group class made this place super special. I have been really challenged, shown proper technique and given great advice, I'm really sad to leave.
Thank you to everyone, good luck and see you next time x

Rita Edwards

Thank you both for everything you have done for me, even the dreaded side overs. I have never met such beautiful and caring people than you and Kristen.

Gwen C

Pilates has not just helped me improve my health, it has also helped improved my confidence and focus. I was referred to Pilates from my physio after having seen her for almost two years dealing with the pains of fibromyalgia we agreed I was ready to try Pilates. I am stronger and because I am stronger I am not in constant pain. I am moving in ways I never thought possible. The instructors take such an interest not just in your physical health. They want to see you heathy in every area. The sense of community at the clinic is wonderful. I am so glad I committed to Pilates as it has become a vital part of my life!

Amy L

Friendly, happy to adjust classes for those with injuries or just not as flexible as
others. No judgement on size, ability or fitness it's a friendly welcoming

Angela Marshall

Kristen is great at what she does and has made me feel very comfortable. I
haven't felt this good in at least 2 years. Thank you Kristen and Michael.

Jess Cresey

Had my first session with Kristen and absolutely loved it. I suffer from chronic
back pain so have started to do Pilates to help strengthen my core. I have not
felt any pain in my lower back which is amazing as exercise normally irritates it.
Looking forward to my next session :)

Andrea Petroski

My first two sessions were with Michael. I found him to be very professional.
The Pilates Klinic has a very relaxed and welcoming feel about it. I like the fact
it is a husband and wife team.The reformer room is well set up so you don't feel
as if you are encroaching on the person next to you. Everyone I have met
seem to be lovely.
I am looking forward to improving my strength and flexibility in your well set up
Pilates clinic.

Diane Silverlock

I love the location it's such a great feeling when you walk in. Shae has been an
amazing pilates instructor very patient and positive. As a new mum of three it's been
hard to find time for myself and I feel I have finally found something that I can
escape to.

Leigh Jackson

Lovely staff, great workout, beautiful studio. Excellent all round.

Kathryn Blomley

The instructors are very helpful and welcoming. The classes seem to work out
parts of your body that you never knew you had but you feel wonderful after!

Natalie Morrone

Beautiful friendly service
Classes are friendly
Absolutely worth attending

Ali Colavecchio

I have never really been one for exercising, but I have found a passion in
Pilates, and really enjoy my classes at The Pilates Klinik. All the support and
encouragement from the staff and owners has been really confidence boosting
for a newbie like myself to Pilates. The facilities are excellent, clean, well kept
and it is a really nice environment to work out in. Can't recommend the Pilates
Klinik to enough people!

Delta Hattrick

I have found that its not just a work out. The instructors are dedicated to gently
pushing the clients to really get the best out of a session. Just an adjustment of
1cm can really make a difference. I leave feeling taller :) funny but true! I have
also found that reformer has helped me with my headaches and overall body

Melitta Repacholi

I like the fact that there are classes at different times of the day to suit
everyone. I like that even although everyone is not at the same stage I can still
do a class and have a wee rest in between without feeling awkward. I love the
fact that it's local to me.

Myra McElhinney

-Love that the classes are limited to 12 and instructors are able to provide
personalised assistance if required
-The room itself is presented beautifully (lighting, paint and modern equipment
all help to create a lovely environment...even the music helps to create a
fun/relaxing environment), it almost feels like walking into a day spa!
-the crèche facility (if this was not available I would not have signed up initially)
-the timetable includes lots of variety wih regards to class types and times
-friendly atmosphere, both staff and other members are supportive and non
-facilities are clean, and I even love that natural oils are used
I am always telling friends and family about the Klinik,
Keep up the awesome work

Nicole De Ruiter

The instructors are so friendly, helpful and always have your health and
wellbeing in mind.

Phil Guiver

I love that it is my escape from the hustle and bustle that is life- it has a very
day spa feel to the room and it's a form of meditation for me.
Plus everyone is so positive and friendly! Simply outstanding service

Kimberley Bartlett

All the staff are very helpful and friendly there is a good choice of classes to
attend and I love the online booking system !!!

Andrea Hall

I really enjoy the variety of classes, and membership options. Challenges like
the Winter 50 are great to encourage everyone to push their limits and
challenges themselves. Overall I love how Pilates makes me feel and I can
definitely notice the difference it has made in my body.

Simone Greene