Learn something new in 22!


Kristen has been teaching others to become teachers themselves for over 10 years now. The vast majority of our instructors were once just Pilates enthusiasts like you! Starting January 21st is the next round of comprehensive teacher training, however, you don’t need to be interested in teaching to join in.

Some of our clients over the years went through the modules / workshops simply because they had fallen in Love with Pilates and their personal practice. This coming round, we already have 2 such members and we want to encourage YOU to consider joining them.

So here are 15 reason why you might want to consider joining the next group!

She only teaches 4 classes a week currently, however, she teaches ALL of the workshops for those going through the training which means over 160 hours with Kristen!


With 10 different Modules, you’ll get to learn Pilates on every Apparatus… the Mat, the Reformer, the Chair, the Ladder Barrel, the Arcs and The Cadillac!


You’ll learn in a small, informal group setting. Nothing like school here!


You’ll end up with a full comprehensive resource of course textbooks covering everything!



You get to move, try and explore everything yourself with all the toys!

You’ll get focused attention on your own practice and movement by Kristen as you implement what you are learning!

You’ll learn the anatomy behind the Pilates Method and understand your own body so much more!

You’ll get to see how others move which in turn will take your understanding within your own body to new levels!

You’ll be pushed in new ways, which, is where we grow!

You’ll meet other Pilates lovers and have a great time together!

You’ll connect to yourself on a much deeper level.

You’ll super charge your own Pilates practice!

You’ll set a great example for your friends and family to never stop learning and exploring!

You’ll have tremendous access to Kristen’s wealth of knowledge and support throughout.

You’ll have a whole lot of fun trying new things!

There is no pressure to complete your self practice or observation hours, it’s a “go-at-your-own-pace” course, the upcoming dates for each section are as follows.

Anatomy January 21 – 22
Movement Principals February 4 – 5
Mat 1 February 25 – 26
Mat 2 March 18 – 19
Mat 3 April 1 – 2
Reformer 1 April 29 – 30
Reformer 2 May 20 – 21
Reformer 3 June 10 – 11

If i’ve peaked your interest… Give Robyn a call (0456788762) at the studio to chat about the details of the program after you read the main teacher training page on our website.