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Welcome To The Pilates Klinik, a fully-equipped Pilates studio located in Perth. We provide the expertise, support, safe space and community to reform the lives of everybody — bringing confidence in every body.

Clinical Pilates in Joondalup -Where Movement Meets Magic

At The Pilates Klinik, we believe that Pilates should be accessible to everyone. Our Pilates studio is where people can come together in a positive environment gaining confidence and strength throughout their bodies.

Our classes are small and intimate, allowing us to focus on the individual needs of each client. As a result, our Pilates classes offer an experience like no other.

Our Pilates instructors and staff are some of the most skilled professionals in their field. They’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and ensuring that you feel comfortable and supported throughout each Pilates session. Our large studio is beautifully designed with state of the art equipment that provides safety and comfort as you tone, condition and strengthen your entire body.

You may have experienced a Pilates session or two before coming here, but there’s nothing quite like a class at The Pilates Klinik!

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Our clinical Pilates in Joondalup is a place of inclusivity where people can develop a genuine Pilates practice to see significant positive changes in how they move, feel and perform. Each session is expertly designed to develop strength, flexibility and stability — realising your body’s full potential.

Suffering from niggling aches and chronic pains? Feeling sluggish or not quite yourself? You don’t have to. Our studio is designed to upgrade your quality of life through Pilates.

We pride ourselves on offering various Pilates classes for all genders, ages, abilities and experience levels.

Family-owned and operated

20+ years in the Pilates industry

No lock-in contacts

No lock-in contacts

Currently 60+ in-studio classes weekly

Currently 60+ in-studio classes weekly

7 different class types, focuses and levels

World recognised Pilates instructor training courses



Our group classes accommodate for all schedules, abilities and goals. Each 55-minute session will improve your strength and flexibility, simultaneously burn calories and fatigue muscle groups — transforming your body from the inside out.


We offer private and semi-private Pilates sessions that will give you the benefits of group sessions but with a personalised and tailored approach to your body, which will help you achieve your health and wellness goals in record time.


In Pregnancy Pilates, the reformer machine and Pilates method are specially designed to support the body during pregnancy, birth and recovery. Pregnancy Pilates can help to reduce back pain, improve sleep quality and alleviate stress.


Michael’s remedial massage focuses on methods used for rehabilitation post-injury, surgery, and also general health and well-being. With more than 20 years experience, Michael uses a range of modalities to reduce aches, pain and stress. HICAPS rebates available

find your people

Our studio helps to create an inspiring community for everyone who walks through our doors. So whether you're new to Pilates or looking to refine your skills, you can expect to be treated with respect and meet people you'll actually want to spend time with.

tailorED classes

We offer a wide range of Pilates classes at our studio to ensure that everyone who comes can find something that meets their needs and ability. Our goal is to ensure that anyone can find a suitable class, regardless of their goals or where they are in their journey.

more than just pilates

We focus on educating and empowering our clients so that they actually grow a practice, not attend fitness classes. We do this by educating them about the importance of the mind-body connection and making movement a way of life.

affordable & flexible

We offer affordable pricing and flexible membership options. We allow clients to miss a class here and there without worrying about affecting their membership fees. This helps everyone stay consistent in their training and not feel as if they are wasting their money.

our TOP-NOTCH studio welcomes everybody!

“Michael and Kristen know so much about the human body and how to work with the body. I came to them knowing their reputation for excellence. The Pilates Klinik is beautiful and inviting. They are far more than just a Pilates studio. I have added Pilates to my weight training and could not be more pleased with the decision.”
"Absolutely love this place! Kristen & Michael are awesome instructors with a genuine passion for helping you to achieve your goals. The place is amazing & the creche is perfect for the little ones. This is definitely my happy place!!"
"Pilates has not just helped me improve my health, it has also helped improve my confidence and focus. I was referred to Pilates from my physio after having seen her for almost two years dealing with the pains of fibromyalgia we agreed I was ready to try Pilates. I am stronger and because I am stronger I am not in constant pain. I am moving in ways I never thought possible. The instructors take such an interest not just in your physical health. They want to see you healthy in every area. The sense of community at the clinic is wonderful. I am so glad I committed to Pilates as it has become a vital part of my life!"
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