Junior Pilates

Welcome to the Pilates Klinik!

As children, both Kristen and I were involved in athletic endeavours at a very high level. Kristen was dancing 6 days a week competing nationally and i played multiple sports at a state level. We have worked with and treated many teenagers over the years, Kristen as a Pilates professional and myself as a remedial massage therapist.

Many programs start training youngsters as professionals in terms of volume but they fail to incorporate recovery methods and cross training for physical balance and longevity, something even more crucial during developmental years! Pilates is the perfect method to improve co-ordination, balance, core strength and flexibility in a holistic way. Incorporating this with specialised sports specific training helps to avoid injury, overdevelopment and even improve the actual performance overall!

We believe our youth are under attack from social media and each other, therefore, apart of the program will include teachings about positive body image, healthy habits and strong over skinny.

We will be trialing a program for youngsters between 9 – 12 yrs old with a 10 week series for an introductory price of only $100 each on Fridays @ 4pm starting October the 11th. Brooke will be teaching these classes, having studied and mentored under Kristen she is an exceptional teacher and has previous experience teaching young children as a dance instructor. Being only 19 herself we believe the youth will look up to and listen to what Brooke has to teach them!