Judith Bartels

Going to the gym was “a chore” as Judith puts it. Frequent injuries from weight lifting eventually led to a search for something kinder to her body.  Little did she know that search would see her become stronger than ever before. Judith is a pretty special client having progressing through all of the levels we offer on the way to joining the Elite club for completing over 250 sessions. We used her in many of our Ad campaigns because she could hold anything and smile for a long time! 



“I started in the 50-plus program and eventually attended the Fundamental classes as they were called then. I got to a stage where I preferred the way the Fundamentals pushed me further and rather attended those. When Tower/Mat was introduced, I was sceptical but gave it a go, I found it really challenging but felt my strength and flexibility continue to improve, so much so, that when I did reformer classes, I would add an extra spring at times. The circuit classes are the ultimate challenge for me. I enjoy the cardio aspect and find myself pushing hard throughout.”




Sadly for us, Judith is moving to Lathlain in the coming months but graciously still let us shine a spotlight on her. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for being a wonder member for such a long time. Enjoy those Grand kiddies and stop by whenever you’re in the area friend! 

Q – What was the obstacle/s that almost prevented you from starting? What sold you on jumping in and joining as a member?

Commitment and signing up at gyms always scared me, as you could get locked into contracts and payments that made me uncomfortable. I felt less pressure with the no lock-in contract and payment is done by the Klinik and not a third party. I was a bit sceptical as I had done a yoga class a few years back and hated it. After my 2 one-on-one reformer sessions, I felt that reformer pilates was a much better way to get my body moving with much less chance for injuries.

Q – What have you been able to achieve since starting? What improvements have you noticed?
I have noticed a big improvement in my balance, strength and flexibility as well as knowledge of how to use my body better, for example when I go cycling I keep telling myself to tuck in my pelvis and engage my glutes (lol), this helps to reduce pressure on my knees.
Q – If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why? 
Life-changing. My whole attitude towards exercise and body awareness has totally changed for the better.

Q – What has exceeded your expectations since joining?

The fact that I actually enjoy going to classes. The feeling of community, the way the instructors really care about each person’s well-being and progress.

Q – What is your favourite exercise or movement and why? 
I have two. Legs in straps on the reformer feels like a treat every time.  I also enjoy the core exercises like roll-ups. This is because I have a strong core now and feel so accomplished as I am able to do them well.
Q – What is your least favourite exercise or movement and why? 
I was never a fan of bridging, until I got a lot better at it and learned the correct technique – like pushing down on my arms, closing the rib-cage etc. But… my least favourite is arms! My arms are my weakest part for sure. 
Judith’s advice to all the newbies reading this?
Attend regularly, even if it is only twice a week. Make the best of each exercise – concentrate on using as much muscle as you can, being careful to maintain the correct technique to avoid injury.
Judith with her bestie, Jacinta on a recent ad!

“I would like to thank all the wonderful staff for their love and care, we really appreciate you. I would especially like to thank my current favourite instructor, Jacinta, for putting up with my complaints, for pushing me to exceed my perceived capabilities and improve my strength and technique.”