Private Health Rebates

Welcome to the Pilates Klinik!

Private health funds were beginning to recognise highly qualified and experienced practitioners as Pilates providers, however, in March 2019 the government removed Pilates from the list of alternative health practices that could be claimable through private health insurance.

Even though our instructors are all going through, or have completed, comprehensive certifications that are over 500 hours long, we are no longer able to utilise the rebates we once could.


Even without the use of private health rebates for those who have cover, our class members find our memberships are more affordable because most physiotherapists only offer small groups and charge much more per session. As our Master Instructor, Kristen has been teaching Pilates and training Instructors for nearly 20 years. Our instructors may not have a physiotherapists degree but when it comes to The Pilates Method, we are the experts!